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What does Joe Starks plan to do in Eatonville?

What does Joe Starks plan to do in Eatonville?

Joe Starks plans to build a store and post office on the land. Eatonville previously only consisted of 50 acres, so Joe Starks just became the big man in town.

How does Joe Starks get his reputation started in West Maitland Eatonville?

How does Joe Starks get his reputation started in West Maitland/Eatonville? a. He goes and buys 200 acres of land in one sitting with cash for the town. JOE STARKS IS THE SPEAKER OF THE TOWN BECAUSE HE IS A GOOD ORATOR AND BECAUSE HE BOUGHT THE LAND AND BUILT THE STORE.

Why do the townspeople turn on Joe in this chapter?

Why do the townspeople turn on Joe in this chapter? And then, later, how do they change? The Townspeople turn of joe because they are fed up with his egotistical attitude and of the way he treats the townspeople. They begin to question Janie and they become envious.

Why does Joe come to Janie’s town?

Joe Starks Timeline and Summary. Joe Starks walks into Janie’s life at an opportune time. She is regretting her marriage to Logan Killicks and hankering to explore the world outside her gate. Joe tells Janie that he wants to marry her, take her to the city, and make her a proper lady.

How does Janie feel about her marriage to Joe?

Soon after they are married he feels Janie doesn’t do enough work around the house and thinks she is spoiled. He is unloving, and Janie quickly realizes that he is not the fulfillment of her dream under the pear tree. Janie eventually leaves Logan for Joe Starks.

What does Janie dislike about her husband?

How does Janie feel about her husband? She doesn’t like the the shape of his head or the fact that he has a big belly. She also hates stirring up his smell when in bed. She feels disappointed.

Why does Janie kill tea cake?

Janie kills Tea Cake to save her own life. Tea Cake gets sicker and more violent and starts imagining that Janie is cheating on him, so he sleeps with a pistol. Janie loads a rifle to protect herself in case Tea Cake becomes violent. Finally, out of his mind, Tea Cake shoots at Janie, and she kills him in self-defense.

Did Janie kill Jody?

Janie killed Jody mentally. He couldn’t handle the truth that she was telling him about himself. Jody tried to make Janie stop but she kept going. He was overwhelmed what was being said but he was already struggling with death.

What race is tea cake?

Turner’s lack of respect for Janie’s husband, Tea Cake, a darker-skinned black man.

Does tea cake really love Janie?

Tea Cake loves Janie as much as she loves him. Tea Cake shows Janie affection which is something that is missing in her marriage with Joe and Logan. When Tea Cake comes home to Janie and sees her crying on the floor, “he [takes] her head in his hands and ease[s] himself into the chair. [Janie doesn’t] say anything.

Is tea cake a good person?

Hurston depicts Tea Cake as not simply a good or bad person, but instead as a real person who is complicated and not easily understood. However, in the middle of the storm, Tea Cake saves Janie from a rabid dog, ultimately sacrificing his own life in this act of love-driven heroism.

How does Janie feel after tea cake dies?

Tea Cake dies in her arms, still hateful and biting down on Janie’s forearm. She weeps over his body and silently thanks him for giving her the chance to love. The same day, Janie is put on trial for killing Tea Cake. The entire black community is set against her; they feel like she has betrayed Tea Cake.

What is the only thing Janie takes with her back to Eatonville?

Since the Everglades mean nothing to Janie without Tea Cake, she returns to Eatonville, taking only a package of seeds that she plans to plant in remembrance of Tea Cake.

What happened just before tea cake died?

Tea Cake came home complaining of a headache. He had rabies, and that he had almost no chance to recover. Janie held Tea Cake in her arms and wept and silently thanked him for the time they had together. Tea Cake bit her on the arm just before he died.

Does Janie die in Tewwg?

Through her relationship and time with Tea Cake, Janie found herself, and she is strong now, even without him. Realizing that she has finally reached her “horizon” and can be at peace, she is content. The story does not indicate that Janie has died. mwestwood, M.A.

What does Janie tell her husband before he died?

What does Janie tell her husband just before he dies? He is going to die and there is not hope of recovery. Janie tells him everything that is in the other answer choices.

How does Janie view death?

4) How does Janie feel about Jody’s death? After Jody dies, Janie likes “being lonesome for a change.” While she is sorry that Jody suffered in his dying and feels “pity for the first time in years” for the way life “mishandled” him, Janie finally feels free from the oppression her marriage imposed upon her.

What does Janie burn the night of the funeral?

After Jody’s elaborate funeral, Janie begins her period of mourning. On the inside she feels released and joyous, but she maintains a sad face for the outside world. The only noticeable change is that she begins wearing her hair in a long braid again, having burned all of her head rags.

Why does Joe think Janie is being ungrateful?

Joe thinks that Janie is being ungrateful because she is being hostile. He feels like he has givenher everything she could ever want, but when she doesn’t act grateful he becomes resentful and upset.

What did Janie wear to tea cake’s funeral?

While Tea Cake’s funeral is similar to Joe’s in that they both were given a distinguished farewell, one aspect remains different. This time Janie does not wear traditional mourning attire to the service; rather, she wears her overalls, clothing that she associates with her husband.

How do Tea Cake’s friends react to his death?

How do Tea Cake’s friends react to his death? a. They are glad he is gone. They do not know he is dead.

Why is the package of tea cake’s Garden Seeds that Janie keeps a fitting symbol?

Janie gives away everything she owns except for a package of garden seed, a reminder of Tea Cake and his love for planting things. Janie plans to plant the seeds to serve as a symbol of the love and the life that they shared.

Why does Mrs Turner not like tea cake?

Turner does not approve of Tea Cake because his skin is too dark and thinks Janie should be with her brother, instead. Mrs. Turner doesn’t believe it when Janie tells her she and Tea Cake have a real love and so much fun together.

Why did Tea Cake kill the dog?

Janie kills Tea Cake because he had rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease that causes insanity and erratic and violent behavior, so her killing of Tea Cake is an act of self defense and a kind mercy killing.

What did Mrs Turner propose to Janie?

Then, Mrs. Turner tells Janie that she would be better off married to another, lighter man, particularly Turner’s brother.

What does tea cake intend to do about Mrs Turner’s insults?

Tea Cake intends to boycott her café and tell his friends to stay away from the café as well. 9. Mrs. Turner is able to “find fault with everything” that God made.