What does Juliana mean in Arabic?

What does Juliana mean in Arabic?

28 names. Meaning(s) of Juliana: Youthful.

How do you spell Julianna?

Julia, Julie, Judy etc. Juliana (variants Julianna, Giuliana, Iuliana, Yuliana, etc) is a feminine given name which is the feminine version of the Roman name Julianus. It is a portmanteau of the names Julia and Anna.

Where is the name Julianna from?


Is Juliana Italian name?

Giuliana is an Italian language given name ultimately derived from the Latin Iuliana, the feminine form of Iulianus….Giuliana.

Word/name Italy
Meaning Youthful, graceful
Other names
Related names Julie, Juliana (disambiguation), Giulia (disambiguation), Julia, Anna, Hannah, Giuliano

Is Juliana a biblical name?

It is a biblical name derived from the word iovilius with the meaning ‘dedicated to Jupiter’. Symmachus (/ ˈ s ɪ m ə k ə s /; Greek: Σύμμαχος “ally”; fl. Juliana is a fanciful version of the Latin Julia or the French Julie.

What does the name Juliana mean in Italian?

The name Giuliana is primarily a female name of Italian origin that means Youthful, Downy. Italian form of Juliana.

What does Juliana mean in Greek?

The Greek word “ioulos” means ‘downy-bearded’ and the Roman Latin word for ‘youthful’ is “juvenalis.” Further, the name could also be a contracted form of the Latin “Jovilius” which means ‘descended from Jove (Jupiter)’ who was the king of all gods in Roman mythology.

When was the name Juliana popular?

Julianna Margulies has given that spelling of the name a substantial push. Juliana has been on the Top 1000 since 1881.

What is a nickname for Julianna?

Also the name Julianna can have tons of nicknames like; Jules, Juju, Julia, Julie and more!

What does Julianna mean in Latin?

Origin:Latin. Popularity:578. Meaning:Youthful; Jove’s child. With the addition of one letter, Julianna is a new name and a respelling of the more-familiar Juliana.

What does the name Julianna mean for a girl?

A feminine form of Julian, Julianna means downy haired or youthful. Julianna Name Origin: Latin.

Is Julian unisex?

The name Julian is a girl’s name meaning “youthful or sky father”. But Julian actually has a long history of use as a unisex name, and was considerably more popular for girls than boys in Medieval England.