What does Justice Wargrave look like?

What does Justice Wargrave look like?

He was described as a man with a “frog-like face, a tortoise-like neck, and a couple of pale little shrewd eyes”. Despite always looking asleep, the judge was shrewd when it came to trials; he was believed to be a hanging judge, who had a huge power on the jury making them believe whatever he wanted.

How does wargrave kill himself?

Afterwards, Wargrave tidies up, writes his confession letter, sets it into the ocean, and kills himself by rigging up the revolver to an elastic band.

What conclusion is reached about Marston death?

What conclusion is reached about Marston’s death? They thought he committed suicide.

What is Philip Lombards job?

Philip Lombard has the most mysterious past of anyone on the island. He is a world traveler and a former military man who seems to have served as a soldier of fortune in Africa.

Why does Blore leave his room?

He definitely hears them pass his door. Blore grabs a lamp from his bedside to use as a weapon and slips out of his room just as he sees a figure pass through the front door. As he is about to run downstairs he realizes that he is making a fool of himself.

Does Dr Armstrong rest peacefully?

Does Dr. Armstrong rest peacefully? No because while he was sleeping he had a nightmare and emily and Marston were there.

Why does Lombard say he brought his weapon?

Lombard is carrying a gun because he was hired to help get the guests out of trouble. He is known as man who has been “in a tight place.” He also says he has the gun out of “habit.”

Why does Miss Brent feel giddy?

Miss Brent. Why does Emily Brent feel giddy? She is on drugs. Miss Brent is hard-hearted.

WHO says none of us will ever leave?

Agatha Christie

Which character said we are not going to leave this island?

General Macarthur

What do Lombard and Armstrong decide to do at the end of Chapter 7?

Armstrong, Lombard, and Blore decide to take action against the unknown threat by searching the Island. They show that they still believe that there is a hope for escape or to stop the “raving maniac.” They have not resigned themselves to their fate even though they have started to figure out what is going on.

What happens in chapter 5 of And Then There Were None?

Summary: Chapter V Armstrong examines the drink and finds it was poisoned, but since Marston poured it himself, the guests assume he committed suicide. Still, they find it hard to believe that such a high-spirited young man would want to take his own life.