What does Muckspout mean?

What does Muckspout mean?

a muckspout is someone who uses a lot of cursing.

What does Woofits mean?

1. obsolete slang A bout of melancholy or depression. My grandmother used to say my grandfather suffered from the woofits.

What does Grubbling mean?

Grubbling (v) Definition: “Like groping, except less organised. Usually refers to pockets, but can also be used for feeling around in desk drawers that are filled with nicknacks and whatnot.” Example: He was grubbling around in his pocket to find his car keys.

What is a soothsayer?

: a person who predicts the future by magical, intuitive, or more rational means : prognosticator.

What is another name for soothsayer?

What is another word for soothsayer?

augur diviner
prophet seer
prognosticator prophesier
clairvoyant forecaster
fortune-teller oracle

What does prophetess mean?

: a woman who is a prophet.

What does prognosticator mean?

verb (used with object), prog·nos·ti·cat·ed, prog·nos·ti·cat·ing. to forecast or predict (something future) from present indications or signs; prophesy. to foretoken; presage: birds prognosticating spring.

What does Prevaricator mean?

a person who speaks falsely; liar. a person who speaks so as to avoid the precise truth; quibbler; equivocator.

What do you call people who predict stuff?

A soothsayer is someone who can foretell the future. A fortune teller is also known as a soothsayer, or someone who claims to be able to predict the future.

What is a foresight?

1 : an act or the power of foreseeing : prescience Through foresight she could tell what the outcome would be. 2 : provident care : prudence had the foresight to invest his money wisely.

Who can predict future?

Precognition (from the Latin prae-, “before” and cognitio, “acquiring knowledge”), also called prescience, future vision, or future sight, is a claimed psychic ability to see events in the future.

What do you call something that has many uses?

To describe a person or thing that can adapt to do many things or serve many functions, consider the adjective versatile.

Which is another word for sugar?

The Most Common Names for Sugar

  • Dextrose.
  • Fructose.
  • Galactose.
  • Glucose.
  • Lactose.
  • Maltose.
  • Sucrose.

Can Google predict my future?

Google has launched a fortune telling app that claims to predict your future. After you select your question, you will have to click on the predict my future option and you will be redirected to a page where you will find an answer.