What does mung mean slang?

What does mung mean slang?

noun. something disgusting or offensive, especially filth or muck.

What is mung called in English?

Pulses Names List

English Hindi Tamil
Green gram split Moong chilka
Green gram whole Moong sabut, mung sabut Payaru
Horse gram Kulthi, kulith Kollu
Lentil dal, pink lentil Masoor dal, masar dal, Masur dal

What does moong mean in Korean?

Korean Word: 뭉치 Romanization: moong chi. English Meaning: bundle, bunch.

What does mung mean in Thai?


stupid ngo
ladyboy katoey
insulting form of ‘you’ mung
arrogant form of ‘me’ goo
shut up (be quiet) ngeeap

What is a ting tong?

ติ๊งต๊อง (Ting Tong) / Mad Ting tong is typically used to indicate that someone is perceived as being a bit wacky, unusual or eccentric.

What does Ting Tong mean in Chinese?

ting tong : telephone recei… : tīng tǒng | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

Where is Ting Tong from?

Ting Tong Macadangdang, a character from the UK television series Little Britain. Inner Ting Tong and Outer Ting Tong, near Exmouth in South East Devon, England; see Thing (assembly) § Viking and medieval society.

What does E Dok mean in Thai?

definition. [an extremely vulgar insult] [is] promiscuous (woman or harlot)

What do you call a person from Bangkok?

4 letter answer(s) to person from bangkok? THAI.

What does AI mean in Thailand?

for calling males

Is 1000 baht a lot?

Yes 1000 baht/day is a decent minimum budget, allowing you stay in single rooms (dorms/hostels are rare) or double/triple-up with fellow travellers, eat well (seek out what locals eat) and splash out for a couple beers.

Can you kiss in Thailand?

In Thailand, hugging or kissing in public is a no-no Men and women do not hold hands in public, and kissing in public is seen as strange or even offensive. The casual touch is okay, even more so than in the US, but any meaningful, heartfelt way of touching is not okay. Instead Thais smelled each other’s cheeks.

What does P stand for in Thai?

“Pee” means brother or sister with regard to someone familiar to you of similar or greater age. It doesn’t mean they are a blood relation – just someone familiar. “Nong” is the equivalent word for anyone younger than you. Nong, on its own, can also be used to summon a waiter/waitress at a restaurant.

What does 555 mean in Thai language?


How do you address a Thai person?

Thai Culture

  1. In both a formal and informal situation, Thai people greet each other with the word ‘sawadee’ followed by ‘kah’ for females and ‘kraap’ (soft r) for males.
  2. It is normal to refer to someone of a perceived higher status by the title ‘Khun’ (Mr/Ms) followed by their first name.

What does P and Nong mean in Thai?

Unlike English, the Thai language is quite traditional. There are two words you are likely to hear often while in Thailand, that is pee and nong. Pee which is also written as phi, means elder brother and sister. While nong means younger brother and sister.

Why do Thai say Nong?

The respect for elders within Thai culture is something that is lacking within Western culture. The proper term of address for anyone who is older is Pee (placed before their name), which literally translates as older brother or sister, and anyone younger is Nong, which translates as younger brother or sister.

What does Yainong mean?


What does Khun P mean?

name? Khun is also used as a term of respect, as in; khun mae = respected mother; khun kru = respected. teacher. Phee or P’ placed before a male or female forename means “older sibling”, as in: Phee Yai = older.

What does P mean?

;P. means “Winking and Sticking Tongue Out”. This icon is often used at the end of a cheeky or playful message (or as a cheeky or playful response to a message). The two characters represent a face: the semicolon represents the eyes (with one winking) while the “P” represents a tongue sticking out of a mouth.

What do you call someone older than you in Thai?

It is important, not least because forms of address are dependent on whether the person you are addressing is older or younger than you. If someone is older, you should address them as ‘Pee’ (followed by their Christian name) and for a younger person as ‘Nong’.

How do you call a waiter in Thailand?

waiter/waitress – พนักงานเสิร์ฟ(formal), คนเสิร์ฟ(neutral) or เด็กเสิร์ฟ(informal), บ๋อย(waiter, spoken language).

What does Aroy Mak Mak mean?

“aroi mak mak means delicious in Thai.”

How do I call a waiter?

You should address your waiter or waitress with “Sir. Miss, Ms., or Ma’am” as appropriate. If they introduce themselves by name, use their names. DO NOT whistle, snap your fingers, clap your hands, whistle, or call, ‘Hey, you!”

What does Sawadee Khap mean?

1 – Sawasdee kha/khap: Hello in Thai Sawasdee or hello in Thai is the most common and useful Thai greeting to learn. Sawasdee can also be used to say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day, and even good bye. Women say ‘Sawasdee kha’, and men say ‘Sawasdee khap’.

Why do Thai say ka?

“In Thai ‘krub’ and ‘ka’ are polite particles added to the end of a sentence. “The two politeness particles inserted after English sentences are caused by the L1 interference. Thai people are too worried about not sounding polite when they speak or write in English,” Tirote said.

Why do Thai say Krab?

Saying ‘Hello’ in Thai The written phrase to say hello in Thai is Sawasdee Krab/Ka. The ending Krab/Ka depends on your own gender, not the gender of the person you’re speaking to. Krab is for men and ka is for women. In the male version of hello, the emphasis is on the khrap which is usually punctuated sharply.

How do you reply to Sawadee Krap?

If the person is working, the answer might be a short “Chai ka/khrub” with a slight frown to indicate mild discontent. Or, if they have a day off (Wan yuut”), they might smile (“Yim”) and say; “Wanee mai tam ngan khrup/ka”.

What does Mai Dai mean in Thai?

cannot or did not