What does NAWM mean in Arabic?

What does NAWM mean in Arabic?


What is Goodnight Arabic?

More Arabic words for good night. طابت ليلتكم tabat laylatukum good night. ليلة سعيدة

What is another name for sleep?

Synonyms & Antonyms of sleep

  • bed,
  • catnapping,
  • dozing,
  • napping,
  • repose,
  • rest,
  • resting,
  • shut-eye,

Whats the opposite of sleeping?

Opposite of in a state of inactivity or repose, either physical or mental. sleepless. wakeful. awake. unsleeping.

What is the scientific word for sleep?

The word “somnolence” is derived from the Latin “somnus” meaning “sleep”.

What’s lack of sleep called?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. The condition can be short-term (acute) or can last a long time (chronic). It may also come and go. Acute insomnia lasts from 1 night to a few weeks. Insomnia is chronic when it happens at least 3 nights a week for 3 months or more.

What is it called when something makes you sleepy?

Whether it’s a medication or a boring lecture, something somniferous makes you sleepy. Like soporific, somniferous is a word used to describe something that puts you to sleep. Some people who have trouble snoozing take pills that are somniferous: sleeping pills.

What does Gulch mean?

: a deep or precipitous cleft : ravine especially : one occupied by a torrent.

What does remorseful mean?

: deep regret for doing or saying something wrong She felt a pang of remorse after yelling. Other Words from remorse. remorseful \ -​fəl \ adjective.

How does revenge change a person?

“When someone persists in revenge fantasies, over time they can develop anxiety and remorse, as well as feelings of shame,” says California-based psychotherapist Beverly Engel, who treats clients who have been abused and often struggle with vengeful thoughts.

Is revenge a character trait?

The study, “Personality Correlates of Revenge-Seeking: Multidimensional Links to Physical Aggression, Impulsivity, and Aggressive Pleasure,” found that sadism is the dominant personality trait that explains why certain people are more likely than others to seek vengeance.