What does outrunning mean?

What does outrunning mean?

1 : to run faster than. 2 : exceed, surpass his ambitions outrun his abilities.

Is outrun a noun or verb?

verb (used with object), out·ran [out-ran], out·run, out·run·ning. to run faster or farther than. to escape by or as if by running: They managed to outrun the police. to exceed; excel; surpass.

What part of speech is paraphernalia?

noun. (sometimes used with a singular verb) equipment, apparatus, or furnishing used in or necessary for a particular activity: a skier’s paraphernalia. (used with a plural verb) personal belongings.

What does mean inevitably?

in an inevitable way

What type of word is inevitably?

Absolutely Inevitable (Or Not) Inevitable can occasionally be found used as a noun (“the inevitable had come to pass”), but more frequently it is encountered as an adjective. Some, in fact, would classify this word not only as an adjective, but as a special kind: the absolute adjective.

How do you use inevitably?

Inevitably in a Sentence ?

  1. Although my dog runs away sometimes, he inevitably returns home after a few hours.
  2. James will inevitably have to choose between the two job offers.
  3. As I watched my daughter eat donut after donut, I knew inevitably she would have a tummy ache.

What is an example of inevitable?

The definition of inevitable is something that is certain to happen. An example of inevitable is death. Predictable, or always happening. My outburst met with the inevitable punishment.

What is a good sentence for inevitable?

1. It was inevitable that there would be job losses. 2. The accident was the inevitable consequence/result/outcome of carelessness.

What are the inevitable in life?

There are inevitable things in life. Things like wind, rain, death, and dirt. There are so many inevitable things that we take them for granted, stack them up against each other and all the details of our lives that we can remember.

What is an invariable word?

: not changing or capable of change : constant an invariable routine. Other Words from invariable Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About invariable.

What is an invariable part of speech?

pronunciation: In veI ri b l parts of speech: adjective, noun features: Word Combinations (adjective), Word Parts. part of speech: adjective.

What’s another word for invariable?

SYNONYMS FOR invariable 1 unalterable, unchanging, changeless, invariant, unvarying, immutable.

What is the verb for Invariably?

(ɪnveəriəbli ) adverb [ADVERB with verb] If something invariably happens or is invariably true, it always happens or is always true.