What does Petruchio reveal at the end of Scene 1 about his plans for Kate?

What does Petruchio reveal at the end of Scene 1 about his plans for Kate?

Petruchio reveals his plan in a soliloquy he will assert Katherina’s sweetness, no matter how shrewish her behavior, and treat their wedding as agreed upon, whatever her protests.

What is Act 4 Scene 1 about in The Taming of the Shrew?

One of Petruchio’s servants helps prepare the house for their homecoming. Upon arriving home, Petruchio disrespects his servants, and tells the audience of his plans to tame Katherina. Exhausted from the journey, Katherina is horrified by her husband’s treatment of his servants.

How does Petruchio tame Kate in Act 4?

Petruchio enters and delivers a long speech about how his plan to tame Kate has begun. He compares himself to a falcon tamer and compares Kate to a wild bird that must be broken. He’ll starve her, deprive her of sleep (all while pretending to have her best interest in mind) until she breaks.

How does Petruchio treat his servants in Act 4?

Petruchio immediately becomes enraged, claiming that his servants fail to attend him properly. They do their best, but clearly he is not pleased by anything. He demands dinner, and they prepare it as quickly as possible, but he claims that the meat is burned and pushes the whole meal off the table.

What happens in Act 4 Scene 4 of Taming of the Shrew?

In Padua, Tranio (still disguised as Lucentio) brings the merchant, who is dressed up as Vincentio, to Baptista’s house. Biondello arrives, as well, and Tranio reminds him to act as if the merchant is Vincentio. The merchant tells Baptista that he approves of the marriage between Lucentio and Bianca.

What does Kate now call Petruchio?

PETRUCHIO I say it is the moon. KATHERINE I know it is the moon.

How does Petruchio tame Katherine?

In William Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew,” the protagonist Petruchio “tames” his newly married wife Kate by matching her wit, by embarrassing her at their wedding, by keeping her from eating and drinking and by forcing her to agree with everything he says.

What is the setting for Act 4 Scene 4 Taming of the Shrew?

What happens in Act 4 Scene 5 of Taming of the Shrew?

Petruchio addresses the man as a young woman, praising her beauty. He tells Katherine to embrace the young woman, and Katherine complies. She calls him a “young budding virgin, fair and fresh and sweet,” (iv. 5.41) but then Petruchio calls her mad and says that he is clearly an old man.

Why does Katherine not want to marry Petruchio?

If Petruchio cheated on Katherine, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. Katherine didn’t love him initially in the marriage since she was forced into it , so she more than likely wouldn’t have cared too much about his infidelity.

Does Kate agree to marry Petruchio?

Petruchio takes an interest in Kate, owing to the dowry he could potentially receive, and agrees. During his first encounter with Kate, he matches her fierce temper and manages to convince her father that she passionately loves him but only pretends to hate him in public.

What does Macbeth promise in the soliloquy?

Macbeth promises that he will not “boast” foolishly about what he intends to do, but will carry out this deadly deed before he has a chance to think about it or before his temper cools down. He wants no more visions, now; he just wants to strike quickly. This deed I’ll do before this purpose cool.

What does Macbeth say to the witches in Act 4?

One witch cries out “Something wicked this way comes” (4.1.62): Macbeth enters. He commands the witches to answer his questions. There is a resemblance between Macbeth and the witches now. All are wicked, all are unnatural. The witches conjure up three apparitions. First, a floating head appears and tells Macbeth to beware Macduff .

Why did Petruchio hit the servants in The Taming of the Shrew?

Petruchio is angry that the servants did not meet him outside and immediately begins to insult them. He sends the servants off to bring him his dinner and continues to act rudely toward them. When he hits a servant, Katherine tells him not to be so harsh toward them.

What does Macbeth say in the poison d entrails?

In the poison’d entrails throw. Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. For the ingredients of our cauldron. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Then the charm is firm and good.