What does Rhinegeist Wowie taste like?

What does Rhinegeist Wowie taste like?

Taste: Sweet pineapple and tart passionfruit. Overall: Slightly sweet, slightly tart, and bursting with tropical fruit flavors.

What kind of beer is Rhinegeist?

Rhinegeist is a brewery, a cidery, and more. Rhinegeist loves uniting fruit and alcohol. Among the several offerings in its fruited beer category is the Moonburst, a sour fruited ale that combines the aforementioned house-cultured Brett yeast with stone fruit, secondary fermentation, and 14 months of barrel aging.

Does Rhinegeist have gluten free beer?

Are your Fruited Ales (e.g. Bubbles, Wowie) gluten-free? No. All of our Fruited Ales contain malt product, which is known to contain gluten. This includes Bubbles, Little Bubs, Wowie, Zango and Slangria.

How many calories are in a Rhinegeist?

Tart and delicate, this beer is low in calories (100 cal) and pleasantly peachy.

What is the best Rhinegeist beer?

A Cincinnati-brewed India Pale Ale has been named one of the 100 best beers in the world by lifestyle magazine Men’s Journal. The magazine named Rhinegeist’s Truth to the list, which was compiled and judged by 12 beer writers and brewmasters from across the country.

Where is Rhinegeist made?

Cincinnati, Ohio
Rhinegeist is located in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our 25,000 square foot, active brewing facility is housed in the former bottling plant of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co., a formidable pre-Prohibition beermaker. We can’t wait to meet ya!

Where is Rhinegeist sold?

We currently distribute in Ohio, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Is Rhinegeist a bubble beer?

Bubbles, one of three ciders offered by Cincinnati, Ohio based Rhinegeist, is technically a Rosé Ale made with apple, peach and cranberry. At 6.2% ABV, Bubbles carries the punch of a craft beer but does so in a lighter and smoother delivery as a cider, combining for one very enjoyable drinking experience.

How many calories in Rhinegeist bubbles rose ale?

There are 180 calories in 1 can (12 oz) of Rhinegeist Bubbles.