What does spot mean?

What does spot mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to stain the character or reputation of : disgrace. 2 : to mark in or with a spot : stain The snow was spotted with blood. His pants were spotted with mud. 3 : to locate or identify by a spot.

What is the synonym of spot?

SYNONYMS. mark, patch, pop, dot, speck, speckle, fleck, smudge, smear, stain, blotch, blot, splash, daub. technical petechia. informal splotch, splosh, splodge.

How do I activate spot trace?

Activate your SPOT Trace before mounting or placing on an asset by visiting FindMeSPOT.com/Activate. To begin using SPOT Trace, we recommend you spend a few minutes reading through this User Guide, then visit FindMeSPOT.com to select a service plan and activate your SPOT device.

How long does spot battery last?

approximately one year

How much does spot service cost?

All subscriptions auto-renew at the end of the contract term. A Network Maintenance Fee of $24.99/yr or $2.49/mo will be charged at the time of service renewal.

What is better inReach or spot?

The Spot X Bluetooth annual plans offer better value for money than the equivalent inReach plans, being around 17% cheaper for the Basic and Advanced plan and around 38% cheaper on the highest tracking-interval plan.

How much does spot cost per month?

SPOT Gen 3 and Gen 4 Monthly Rates

Basic Flex Basic
Service Fee $11.95/ Month $14.95/ Month
Extreme Tracking Price* $4.95/ Month $6.25/ Month
Activation Fee $19.95 $19.95
Flex Charge N/A $24.95**

What is a spot device?

SPOT is a GPS tracking device that uses the Globalstar satellite network to provide text messaging and GPS tracking (depending on the subscription type purchased). Depending on the product, SPOT can send and receive communications.

How much does a PLB cost?

The PLBs will cost approximately $300 – $800, depending on the model and the manufacturer. What is to stop a person from having a flat tire and then using the PLB to seek help? Unfortunately, nothing. If a person feels that they are in distress, there is nothing to prevent them from activating their PLB.

How do you activate spot Gen 3?

To activate your new SPOT device, please visit www.findmespot.com and select ACTIVATE YOUR SPOT. On the activation page you will have the option to create a new account (for new SPOT users) or you may login to your existing SPOT account.

Does Spot SOS work without subscription?

Unlike SENDs, PLBs don’t require you to buy a subscription, but you must register your device.

How does a spot device work?

SPOT determines your GPS location and sends your location and pre-programmed message to communication satellites. Your location and messages are delivered according to your instructions via email, text message, or emergency notification to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center.

How do you cancel a spot?

We recently added the option for deactivation of a SPOT device. You can access by logging in to your SPOT My Account and navigate to Settings & Billing. Then select the Cancel button under Service Cancellation.

How much is Garmin InReach subscription?

Select and Activate a Plan

Safety Recreation
SOS Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Charges
Annual Plans $11.95/mo $24.95/mo
Freedom Plans $14.95/mo $34.95/mo

Does Garmin require monthly fee?

Are There Membership or Subscription Fees for Garmin Golf Products? Garmin golf capable products do not have an annual membership fees to access up to date course information. Approach series products come with specific coverage that is updated periodically for free.

Can you text a Garmin inReach?

inReach devices do not have phone numbers assigned to them, they can only send SMS (text), email or inReach messages. Initiate a conversation with a recipient by sending them a message so they can reply to it. Give access to their MapShare page so others can message them from there.

Does Garmin inReach work without subscription?

The inReach Explorer+/SE+ can be used without a subscription. When you power on your inReach, you will encounter a message that states: “Welcome Communication features require activation”.

Is the Garmin inReach mini worth it?

Even with the Garmin inReach Mini’s many shortcomings, it’s still been a worthwhile purchase for me just as emergency insurance and occasional communicator. It’s come in handy when I was ahead of friends heading to a popular campsite, and I was able to let them know it wasn’t occupied.

Are Garmin’s obsolete?

Portable GPS navigation devices – like the kind TomTom and Garmin sell – will be obsolete soon. Not only do most smartphones offer this functionality, but a lot of vehicles come with dash-mounted navigation systems right out of the factory.

Is Earthmate app free?

For even more messaging convenience and navigation capability, download the free Earthmate app and use Bluetooth® to pair inReach with your compatible Apple®, or Android® device1.

What is Earth mate?

By pairing your mobile device (via Bluetooth® technology) with inReach, the Earthmate app turns your mobile device into a true satellite communication, GPS navigation and safety tool. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Don’t forget to stop tracking.

How do I connect my Garmin inReach mini to my Iphone?

To Pair an inReach Mini to iOS:

  1. Press OK to open the main menu.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Select Pair Device.
  5. Open Earthmate on your iOS device.
  6. Touch.
  7. Touch Options.
  8. Touch Pair Device.

How do I connect my inReach mini to my phone?


  1. Open Earthmate.
  2. Touch.
  3. Touch Pair.
  4. Touch Connect.
  5. Touch the inReach device once it appears in the list.

How do I set up my inReach mini?

Activating the Device

  1. Create an account, and select a satellite subscription at explore.garmin.com.
  2. Turn on the device.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. When prompted, go outdoors to an open area with a clear view of the sky.
  5. Wait while the device communicates with the Iridium® satellite network.

How do you send a message on inReach mini?

There are four ways to send a message to an inReach device….Sending a Message through the inReach MapShare

  1. Visit the MapShare page for the inReach device to be messaged.
  2. Select the inReach device to be messaged.
  3. Click Message.
  4. In the Send Message window enter your e-mail address or phone number and message.
  5. Click Send.

What is my inReach address?

Every inReach user account is assigned a unique inReach address for inReach-to-inReach messaging. If you have an inReach device you can send a message from your inReach to another inReach by using the inReach address for the recipient. An example inReach address is [email protected]

How do I test my inReach mini?

You should test the device outdoors before using it on a trip to ensure your satellite subscription is active. From the main menu, select Utilities > Test Service > OK. Wait while the device sends a test message. When you receive a confirmation message, your device is ready to use.

Is inReach mini waterproof?

The Garmin inReach Mini works where cell phones don’t, using a satellite connection to communicate with other devices, including non-satellite ones like phones and email. It’s impact-resistant and rated IPX7 waterproof, which means it’s built for the outdoors (unlike most cell phones).