What does the elevator symbolize in Long Way Down?

What does the elevator symbolize in Long Way Down?

The elevator in Will’s building represents his sense of feeling trapped—trapped by “the Rules” of his violent neighborhood, and trapped in his grief over his brother Shawn’s death.

What does the middle drawer symbolize in Long Way Down?

The middle drawer of Shawn’s dresser symbolizes the darkness and danger in Shawn himself. Will explains that the broken middle drawer was the only thing out of place on Shawn’s neat and tidy half of their bedroom—and furthermore, it contained Shawn’s gun.

Who killed Uncle Mark in Long Way Down?

In the the novel the Long Way Down (2017), Will’s Uncle Mark was shot by a young hustler whose name Will’s mom cannot remember.

Did will kill Riggs?

Will is about to take care of rule 3. He’s never shot a gun before but he gets Shawn’s gun from the drawer, tucks it into his waistband and heads out to kill Riggs, who he is convinced was the one who killed his brother.

Who was in the elevator in Long Way Down?

Next onto the elevator is the man Will has been waiting for since he was three years old: Mikey Holloman, Will’s father. According to Will’s mother, Mikey died of a broken heart after his brother Mark’s death. In the elevator, Mikey tells a different story.

Where does will live in Long Way Down?

The Holloman’s apartment on the eighth floor is where Will lives with his mother and where Shawn used to live with his family too.

Is long way down a poem?

“Long Way Down” is a free verse book, which meaning the book is written in free verse styled poems. Each new poem is similar to the start of a new chapter, resulting in a very fast read.

What is Dani worried about when the narrator tells her what the gun is for?

Dani is a sharp, no-nonsense rule-follower, so she scolds Buck for smoking and Will for having a gun when she first gets on. She pushes Will to think about the possible unintended consequences of killing Carlson Riggs.

What happens in A Long Way Down?

Jason Reynolds’ new novel Long Way Down is focused on a moment of decision. It happens in an elevator — teenaged Will is on his way to take revenge for the murder of his brother, but his plan is interrupted by a few visitors on the way down to the ground floor.

What were the rules in Long Way Down?

“There’s a code of conduct, and what those rules are is number one, no crying, number two, no snitching, and number three, always seek revenge.” Those rules ring true to Reynold’s own experience: At 19, one of his best friends was murdered, and he considered revenge himself.

What does Shawn Ask will when the elevator reaches the ground floor?

Back in the Holloman’s apartment, Will found the gun that Shawn hid in a drawer on his side of their shared bedroom. Will planned to shoot Carlson Riggs, a member of the Dark Suns gang, who he believed killed Shawn. Will entered the elevator and pressed the “L” button to take him down to the ground floor.

What is a penny drop in long way down?

carlson riggs. trash talker, used to be friends with shawn, taught shawn a penny drop, the suspected killer. things that happen whenever some is killed. screaming- usually moms/girlfriends/daughters, sirens- lots of them, questions- cops ask people if they saw anything, the rules.

How did Will’s parents meet?

Will’s mom and Pop met when they were young and had a dramatic and wildly romantic start to their relationship. However, Will’s mom was left on her own with three-year-old Will and seven-year-old Shawn when Pop was shot and killed. When it came to Shawn, Will’s mother knew she couldn’t control him.

Who is the protagonist in Long Way Down?

William (Will) Holloman Character Analysis. The 15-year-old protagonist and narrator of the novel—the story is told through poems in Will’s voice.