What does the French word close mean?

What does the French word close mean?

1. (= near) près ⧫ proche. The shops are very close.

Is jejune a French word?

Basically jejune means lacking substance. It originally comes from the Latin word jejunus, which means “fasting,” so when something is jejune, it’s figuratively empty — devoid of intellectual nourishment.

What is salubrious climate?

1 adj A place that is salubrious is pleasant and healthy.

Is healthful grammatically correct?

Both words are correct. Let’s look at the histories of these two words. Healthful is older. It dates to the late 14th century, when it was used exclusively to mean “conducive to health” or “good for you.” Within about 150 years, though, healthful was also being used to mean “having or showing good health.”

Is Salubrity a word?

adj. Conducive or favorable to health or well-being. [From Latin salūbris, from salūs, health; see sol- in Indo-European roots.] sa·lu′bri·ous·ly adv.

What does pharisaical you mean?

(lowercase) practicing or advocating strict observance of external forms and ceremonies of religion or conduct without regard to the spirit; self-righteous; hypocritical.

What is a synonym for healthy?

Some common synonyms of healthy are hale, robust, sound, well, and wholesome.

How do you say someone is healthy?


  1. healthy. adjective. physically strong and not ill.
  2. well. adjective. if you are well, or if you are feeling well, your health is good.
  3. fit. adjective. healthy, strong, and able to do physical exercise without getting very tired.
  4. fine. adjective.
  5. able-bodied. adjective.
  6. strong. adjective.
  7. robust. adjective.
  8. vigorous. adjective.

What is one word health?

noun. the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor: good health; poor health. soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment: to have one’s health; to lose one’s health. vigor; vitality: economic health.

What are the 10 words related to health?


  • fitness,
  • healthiness,
  • heartiness,
  • robustness,
  • sap,
  • soundness,
  • verdure,
  • wellness,

What are the three elements of health?

  • There are 3 major areas of the health triangle: physical, mental and social.
  • Good decision making and healthy choices reduce the risk of disease and increase health overall.

How do you say good health?

Here are some ways to do it while still maintaining a professional demeanor.

  1. “I hope you and yours are well!”
  2. “Take care and best wishes!”
  3. “I hope your summer is off to a great start!”
  4. “Stay healthy!”
  5. “I hope all is well in Phoenix!”
  6. “I hope this email finds you safe, well, and happy!”

Is Hale posh?

Hale is a bit posh but it has a lot going for it in terms of shops, restaurants, bars and Bowden is uber-posh but has Dunham Massey on it’s doorstep.

Is Hale a real word?

adjective, hal·er, hal·est. free from disease or infirmity; robust; vigorous: hale and hearty men in the prime of life.