What does the Latin root Puer mean?

What does the Latin root Puer mean?

Those two terms have the same basic meaning as the English word puerile, and they both trace to the Latin noun puer, meaning “boy” or “child.” Nowadays, puerile can describe the acts or utterances of an actual child, but it more often refers (usually with marked disapproval) to occurrences of childishness where adult.

What is the meaning of puer?

: a mixture (as of dogs’ dung in water) formerly used by tanners for bating hides and skins after liming. puer. transitive verb. \ ” \

What gender is puer in Latin?

2nd Declension Masculine: puerEdit

2nd Declension Masculine Singular Plural
nominative puer puer-i
vocative puer puer-i
accusative puer-um puer-os
genitive puer-i puer-orum

What case is Puer?

Masculine ‘er’ ending

Case Singular Singular
Vocative same as nominative puer
Accusative -um puerum
Genitive -i pueri
Dative -o puero

Is Puer second declension?

Second-declension noun (nominative singular in -er)….Declension.

Case Singular Plural
Vocative puer puerī

What’s the opposite to ad hoc?

Near Antonyms for ad hoc. deliberate, intended, intentional.

What is the root word of expedient?

expedient (adj.) late 14c., “advantageous, fit, proper to a purpose,” from Old French expedient “useful, beneficial” (14c.) or directly from Latin expedientem (nominative expediens) “beneficial,” present participle of expedire “make fit or ready, prepare” (see expedite).

What is another word for speedy?

Some common synonyms of speedy are expeditious, fast, fleet, hasty, quick, rapid, and swift.

Is Speedy a word?

Speedy is the adjective form of the noun speed. When we want to describe someone or something as having great speed, we typically just use the word fast. When we use Speedy as a nickname for an athlete (or a cartoon mouse), it usually implies speed but also general quickness and agility.