What does the poet mean to achieve by counting up to 12 in the poem keeping quiet?

What does the poet mean to achieve by counting up to 12 in the poem keeping quiet?

(b) The poet wants to achieve peace by counting upto twelve. He wants us to introspect in a moment of silence. (c) Keeping quiet doesn’t mean being idle. It means that we should avoid all such activities, which are hurting the nature and, in turn, us.

Why does Pablo Neruda ask us to count to 12 What is the significance of 12?

(b)There are only twelve signs on the clock to measure hours. Therefore, the poet asks us to count till the clock measures these horns. (c)Too much activity and rush has only brought misfortunes to mankind. Hence, it is better to be quiet and still.

What does the poet mean by huge silence?

(c) The poet refers to the ‘sadness’ which arises due to the fact that people fail to understand themselves. They have no time to introspect about their actions and their consequences. (d) A huge silence can do good to us because we are able to achieve peace in this silence.

How can we bring about a huge silence?

(a) The huge silence can be made if people could slow down for once and do nothing. (b) The silence is called ‘huge’ as it will remove all our tension and will give us the opportunity of self introspection.

What would be an exotic moment?

1. The ‘exotic moment’ referred to in these lines is that moment when everyone keeps quiet and there is no movement. 2. That moment would be strange because there will be no rush or engines and it will bring the whole of humanity together for the first time.

Why does the poet ask people not to speak?

in the poem keeping quiet, the poet asks the people to keep quiet and do no work for some time. The people of the world have been indulging in wars and bloodsheds on minor excuses. If they keep quiet, they may not indulge in reasoning, disputes and quarrels. So, let them keep quiet and not speak in any language.

What does Neruda mean by exotic?

Pablo Neruda wishes for that exotic moment when mankind will be free from greed, cruelty and harmful actions. Unnecessary rush and noise have caused unpleasantness and troubles. The poet wishes the noise of engines and machines should cease and peace and tranquility should prevail.

Why the movement is called exotic?

By using the word “exotic” the poet means to say that keeping quiet would be a special and unique moment. Keeping quiet would be exotic because there be no rush or sound and it would give the people time to do some introspection.

What is the original language of the poem keeping quiet?


How does keeping quiet protect the environment?

Keeping quiet mean avoiding destructive and harmful activities which will initiate peace and brotherhood among men, halting all destructive activities like waging Wars which harm people besides damaging environment ,hence the environment will be protected.

How many keeping quiet protect our environment?

How will ‘keeping quiet’ protect our environment? Answer: Keeping quiet and introspecting will initiate peace and brotherhood among men, halting all destructive activities like waging wars which harm people besides damaging the environment. Thus, the environment will be protected.

What does the poem keeping quiet teach us?

It teaches us that we must be peaceful and should never destroy the nature’s beauty. The poem “Keeping quiet” written by Pablo Neruda is about the necessity of quiet introspection and creating a mutual understanding about fellow human beings.

What would be the result of quietude?

Answer. Answer: The poet uses the Earth as a symbol from nature to convey that there can be life under apparent stillness. The poet advocates keeping quiet and inactivity but he does not want these to be confused with death.

What would be the result of all being together?

Explanation: The result of being together would result in a new experience in which man will get a chance to have a sense of bonding and togetherness with each other. 4. ‘Sudden strangeness’ is a strange and unusual feeling of universal brotherhood.

Why does the poet count up to twelve?

The poet in the poem “Keeping Quiet” counts up to twelve because this span of time would enable everyone to calm down and be ready for introspection. According to the poet this extended counting will give us the moments of silence to journey from conflict, impediments and devastation to solidarity, peace and renewal.

What according to you will be the result of quietude Write your answer with reference to the poem keeping quiet?

Poet advises to keep still and spend time for introspection. This will help us to understand ourselves better and have a good relation with others too ‘cos we shall in turn understand others too and stop harming them .

What will counting up to twelve help us with?

Answer: When we count up to twelve and keep still, it will help us achieve a sense of togetherness. We will not be busy in the mundane activities of life, but on the contrary, in the silence of peace we will have time to introspect.

What does keeping our life moving mean?

Answer: This expression means keeping one’s life in motion. At times when everything seems topsy-turvy, keeping one’s life moving is what keeps it at bay.

Who is the poet of keeping quiet?

Pablo Neruda

Why would they put up clean clothes?

‘Put on clean clothes’ signifies the feelings of their mutual understanding. 4. Brotherhood can be established in the world only if the war-wagers come together and go out for a walk together.

What will happen if there are no engines and no crowd?

Q27- What will happen if there are no engines and no crowd? Q28- Why is the moment of silence called Exotic? Q29- What would everyone feel at that exotic moment? Q30- How long is the poet expecting everyone to stay still?…

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What is the central theme of the poem keeping quiet?

Class 12 Keeping Quiet Summary highlights the major points and motive behind the poem Keeping Quiet by author Pablo Neruda. The central theme revolving around the poem is peace, humanity, and brotherhood.

What does a fisherman symbolize in keeping quiet?

Answer: The fisherman symbolizes man’s indiscriminate exploitation of nature for his vested interests.