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What does the slang term cookie mean?

What does the slang term cookie mean?

The slang use of “cookie” to mean a person, “especially an attractive woman” is attested to in print since 1920. The catchphrase “that’s the way the cookie crumbles”, which means “that’s just the way things happen” is attested to in print in 1955. Other slang terms include “smart cookie” and “tough cookie.”

What does it mean when someone says do you want a cookie?

(rhetorical question, sarcastic) A phrase sometimes given as a retort to someone who has done something unsurprising or unimpressive and has seen fit to inform one of having done so.

What does baking cookies mean sexually?

verb. to have sexual relations with someone. “now you know I done baked the cookies with her.

What is a woman’s cookie?

Cookie. According to the Online Slang Dictionary, ‘cookie’ it is an euphemism for the female sexual organs.

What does ? mean in texting?

Meaning of ? Ogre Emoji The emoji took a liking of everyone, even of those, who do not know what it means thanks to its fancy appearance. It is used in different meanings — from indicating someone’s evil-minded or frustrated mood to ironically marking someone’s or something’s unattractive look.

What does ? mean on Instagram?

The skull emoji ?can represent death, something spooky, something bad, or can be used to mean “I’m dead. Definition: This is a synonym for LMFAO. The idea is that one has laughed so hard, it killed them and they are now dead. This is a synonym for LMFAO.

What does DOS mean in English?

disk operating system

What does DOD mean in texting?

“Depart of Defense (US)” is the most common definition for DOD on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. DOD. Definition: Depart of Defense (US)

What does DOS stand for Military?

DOS in Army

6 DOS Day Of Supply + 1 variant Military, Inventory, Business
1 DOS Date Of Separation Military, Divorce, Soldiery
1 DoS Denial of Service Technology, Computing, Computer Security
1 DOS Department of State Government, United States, Politics
1 DOS Deployed Operational State Military, War, War Force

What does OTP mean in the military?

What does OTP stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
OTP Officers Training Program (various locations)
OTP Oregon Transportation Plan
OTP Other Tobacco Product (taxation designation)
OTP Operations Test Plan (US NASA)

What is an army opt?

Operational Planning Team. OPT. Optional Modification. OPT. Off-Post Training (US Army)

What does FSO stand for Military?

What does FSO stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
FSO Fire Safety Order (regulation)
FSO Foreign Service Officer
FSO Federal Statistical Office (Germany)
FSO Fire Support Officer

What does FSO mean in slang?

What does FSO stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
FSO First Star Online (game)
FSO Former Significant Other
FSO Friday Shout Out
FSO Familles Sang et Or (French: Blood and Gold Families; Belgium)

What is an FSO job?

Facility security officers (FSOs) are in charge of managing security in their organization’s facilities. They are responsible for creating a secure environment for employees, vendors, and company visitors. They manage daily activities regarding entry, video security, and other security devices.

What does FSO mean in accounting?

Financial Services Office

Is it hard to become a diplomat?

If you’re looking for a career that will allow you to have a global impact, becoming a diplomat is a challenging and highly rewarding choice. To get started on this career path, aspiring Foreign Service Officers should begin preparing early on to build the skills and experience they need to be successful.

How do I become FSO certified?

FSO Requirements Either way, the FSO must be a U.S. citizen, an employee of the company and must undergo approximately 40 hours of STEPPS training (Security Training, Education and Professionalization Portal) on the Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) website.

How long is FSO training?

five to six weeks

How difficult is the foreign service exam?

The FSOT is a very challenging exam with a low pass-rate (hovering between just 30% and 50% of test takers). So you should not underestimate the need to study for this test.

What degree do you need to work in an embassy?

A diplomat must be versed in foreign relations; therefore, the most recognizable route to a career in diplomacy is a bachelor’s and then master’s degree in a major like international relations, political science, cultural anthropology, sociology, or foreign policy.

How many foreign service officers are hired each year?

In recent years, up to 17,000 candidates have taken the Foreign Service Officer Test annually. A much smaller number advance to the QEP review, and approximately 1,000 per year are invited to the Oral Assessment. It should be kept in mind that FSO hiring targets are adjusted regularly.