What Greek root means ship?

What Greek root means ship?


Which word probably comes from the Greek word Nautes which means sailor?

The word astronaut includes the root naut, from nautes, the Greek word for “sailor.” This suffix can be used to create many travel-specific words.

What was the first word for fire?

The first records of the word fire come from before 900. As a noun, it comes from the Old English fȳr. Fire is related to the Old Norse fūrr and German Feuer, which come from the Greek pŷr (the origin of the word part pyro-, as in pyrotechnics, and the word pyre, as in funeral pyre).

Who said Keats Greek?

When somebody expressed his surprise to Shelley, that Keats, who was not very conversant with the Greek language, could write so finely and classically of their gods and goddesses, Shelley replied ‘He was a Greek. ‘

Who coined the phrase egotistical sublime?


In which of the following genres did Victorian literature achieve its greatest success?

Poetry was one of the most popular genres of the Victorian period. The Romantic poets, particularly William Wordsworth (who lived through the beginning of the period, dying in 1850) were revered and widely quoted.

Did John Keats get married?

He became engaged to Fanny Brawne, but with no money there was little prospect of them marrying. Early in 1820, Keats began to display symptoms of tuberculosis. Severn nursed him devotedly, but Keats died in Rome on 23 February 1821.

Who was Fanny’s true love?

Fanny and John remained engaged and in love until his tragically untimely death of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-five. The three years of their betrothal were among the most poetically productive for Keats.

Did Fanny leave Keats?

She did, however, promise that “when Keats returned he should marry Fanny and live with them.” On 11 September 1820, Fanny wrote Keats’s farewell to his sister, also named Frances; and “with [Fanny’s] consent he destroyed the letters she had sent him.” Before leaving, they exchanged gifts: “perhaps at parting, he …

Who is the main human figure in the poem obituary?

In the first stanza of ‘Obituary’ the speaker begins by telling the reader who died– his father. The speaker focuses on what the father left behind. There were utterly normal things that have taken on new importance.

Who is the speaker of poem obituary?

the list includes the table heaped with dusty newspaper, debt, daughter etc… the speaker of the poem talk about his father and his contribution to the family. however, the father has given very less contribution in the development of the family when he died, he just left out-dated newspapers.

What is the meaning of obituaries?

: a notice of a person’s death usually with a short biographical account.

How many rivers are mentioned in the poem obituary?

Stanza 4. This stanza continues from the previous one. According to the poet, the remains of his father’s pyre are left for sons to pick as the priest said, facing east where three rivers met near the railway station. The lines show that the priest forces the sons to perform the Hindu Rituals.

What is the central symbol of the poem a river?

A.K. Ramanujan develops the theme very well, with excellent pacing, through very solid use of imagery. This poem is a pretty melancholic but it’s presented well, cohesive, thought provoking piece. The river, which is a symbol of life and fertility, becomes a destructive force.

What does the poet buy in the obituary poem?

The paper was sold to hawker, who in turn sold it to a grocer from whom the poet occasionally bought provisions. This underlines the triviality of whatever the father has achieved.

Who wrote the poem a river and obituary?

‘A River’ by A.K. Ramanujan is a four stanza poem that is separated into uneven sets of lines.

Which city is mentioned in the poem River?


How does the poet describe the river?

The poet explains about a river’s liveliness and splendour. The river is very optimistic while describing about the life of the river. She says that river dances over the yellow stones. The river water is considered to be eternal in the poem.

How does the poet describe the river in flood?

In this stanza, the river is described as being dried “to a trickle” and “baring the sand ribs.” Essentially, the powers that be, both poets and audience alike, have determined that the river is only worthy of being discussed and sang about when it floods.

Who is the poet of river?


What type of poem is the river?

free verse poem

What is the summary of the poem the river?

Summary. ‘The River’ by Caroline Anne Bowles is a simple poem in which the poet describes the changing size and metaphorical age of a river. In the first stanza of ‘The River,’ the poet describes the river as a child. As it grows in size, strength, and determination, it becomes a youth.

What is the theme of the river?

Theme. The theme of this book is without a doubt survival. Throughout the entire story, Brian is struggling for his own life, and Derek’s. Surviving in the woods has been the objective the whole time.

Why does the poet call it swelling river?

Answer. Poet calls it a swelling river as the mother of poet keeps him updated on the lives that Yakima river has taken. Usually she use to tell him the incidents of someone drowning in the river so she advised him to be away from the river.

Why is the river called a singer by the poet?

4. Why does the poet call the river a singer? = The poet calls the river a singer as the sound of the flowing water echoes in the countryside. Those are considered as the notes of the song of the river.