What happened in Chapter 10 of Tom Sawyer?

What happened in Chapter 10 of Tom Sawyer?

By Mark Twain Tom and Huck run away, scared out of their minds. They take refuge in the abandoned tannery, a curiously spooky place to hide after witnessing a murder. The boys want to tell the authorities what happened, but they know that Injun Joe will come after them if they do. They decide to keep their traps shut.

Why does Tom give Becky the brass andiron knob?

Tom tries to give Becky the “brass knob from the top of an andiron.” This is his most valuable possession and he wants to give it to her as a token of his love. However, she is really angry at him because she has just found out that he has been “engaged” to Amy Lawrence and she will not accept it.

Why did Injun Joe kill the doctor?

Character Analysis Injun Joe He kills young doctor Robinson without qualms and for no discernible reason except for pure evil pleasure. He frames old Muff Potter, and he is shrewd enough to make the townspeople believe his story is true.

What happened in the graveyard in Tom Sawyer?

The best-known trial in twain, no doubt, is that of Muff Potter in Tom Sawyer. Tom and Huck took a dead cat to the graveyard along about midnight intending merely to get rid of warts, but they became eyewitnesses of a murder.

Why was Tom Sawyer afraid when he saw Huck?

Muff Potter’s trial approaches, and Tom and Huck agonize about whether they should reveal what they know. They were frightened because the thought that Injun Joe would kill them, so they continue to help Potter in small ways, bringing him tobacco and matches and feeling guilty when he thanks them for their friendship.

Why are Tom and Huck afraid of Injun Joe?

He is the personification of evil, and his evil is seen in his willingness to kill a man for revenge or for some trivial reason. The townspeople are willing to believe Injun Joe because they are afraid of him and fear retaliation from him. Thus Huck and Tom are right in their fear of Injun Joe.

Who is the villain in Tom Sawyer?

Injun Joe

What did Huck do to see if Tom was telling the truth?

Question 6: To see if Tom was telling the truth, what did Huck do? What did he find? Answer: Huck got an old tin lamp and an iron ring and went out in the woods and rubbed till he was sweating profusely, but none of the genies appeared. So then, he realised that all that Tom had been lying.

What happens to Huck while Tom and Becky are gone?

When Huck wakes from his feverish sleep at one point, he asks Widow Douglas if anything has been found at the Temperance Tavern. She tells him that alcohol has been discovered and the tavern shut down, so Huck assumes the treasure is gone. Tom and Becky remain lost.

How did Red Joe die?

Joe sacrifices himself by taking Frank’s place and pretending to give up. An unknown sniper kills Joe as he leaves the mansion, despite Cooper’s order to hold fire.

Did Joe actually die in red?

Cooper tries to negotiate Frank’s surrender, and Frank tells him about the Vice President’s treachery. The terminally ill Joe pretends to be Frank, walks outside, and is killed by an unknown shooter. Marvin and Victoria kill Dunning’s bodyguards, and Frank subdues Dunning by punching him in the throat.

Why did Tom and Huckleberry decide not to tell what they had seen in the graveyard?

Answer: Tom and Huckleberry decide not to tell what they had seen in the graveyard because they were scared that injun Joe might come after them.

What illness did Tom Sawyer finally think of?

Answer. He canvassed his system. No ailment was found, and he investigated again. This time he thought he could detect colicky symptoms, and he began to encourage them with considerable hope.

How did Tom win Becky’s friendship?

She wins Tom’s love from the first moment he sees her. When she first encounters Tom, she gives him a purple pansy to show her love. She soon becomes engaged to him by swearing to love only him. When he mentions about Amy Lawrence, Becky believes he still loves Amy and gets angry at him.

How did Aunt Polly pull Tom’s tooth?

She then looked inside his mouth and told Mary to bring a silk thread and a piece of coal from the kitchen fire. She pulled the tooth out with the help of the silk thread and the piece of hot coal.

Why did Aunt Polly laugh and cry at the same time?

At what did she laugh and cry? Aunt Polly laughed and cried at Tom’s saying that his sore toe had mortified. Why did she laugh and cry at that? Aunt Polly laughed at Tom’s saying that his sore toe had mortified because she saw that Tom was only pretending.

Why did Tom began to groan loudly?

Tom began to groan loudly because- his tooth was loose.

Why did Tom wish he was sick?

Wishing he could escape the “captivity and fetters” of school, Tom wishes that he were sick so that he could remain at home. After considering the possible ailments he could claim to have, Tom settles on his sore toe.

What made Tom angry?

‘What was it that made Tom angry? Ans. Although Tom groaned louder and louder, Sid did not wake up instead went on snoring. Thus Tom became angry.

How did Tom get Sid’s attention?

Tom gets Sid’s attention – Sid was sleeping nearby and tom tried to get his attention initially by groaning. But Sid did not move. – Then he groaned louder panting with exertions and fancied having great pain.

Why did Tom pretend to be sick did Aunt Polly care for Tom?

As Aunt Polly reveals: “He’s my own dead sister’s boy, poor thing, and I ain’t got the heart to lash him, somehow.” Thus, Aunt Polly takes care of Tom. Although Aunt Polly is often unsure about how to respond to Tom’s actions, she cares for Tom deeply, even though he is not her biological child.

Why did Tom Sawyer live with his Aunt Polly?

Why does Tom live with his Aunt Polly? He lives with Aunt Polly because his parents died.

How did Aunt Polly react to Tom’s condition?

Answer: Tom’s depression worsens, so much so that Aunt Polly begins to worry about his health. Aunt Polly discovers what Tom has done, but she begins to realize that “what was cruelty to a cat might be cruelty to a boy, too,” and sends him off to school without punishment.

What was wrong with Tom’s toe?

She asked him what the matter was with him Tom said that his sore toe was mortified. No sooner did she threaten then stopped groaning and plain disappeared from the toe.

Did Aunt Polly believe that Tom was really dying?

Answer: No, Aunt Polly did not believe that Tom was really dying. Question 8.

Why did Aunt Polly ask Tom to shut up and climb out of his bed?

Answer. because she knew that Tom is lieing because he do not want to femce the wall.

What happened when Tom thought his stomach hurts?

What happened when tom thought that he had stomach pain? Answer: When Tom thought that he had stomach pain, he had little success. The pain soon grew feeble and died wholly away.

Did Tom have any pain in his stomach?

When Tom thought that he had stomach pain, he had little success. The pain soon grew feeble and died wholly away.