What happened to Klaxons?

What happened to Klaxons?

The Klaxons split in 2015 after ten years. James went on to create his Shock Machine electronic touring project and Jamie Reynolds formed YOTA alongside some members of Gorillaz. If they brought all the breakout bands together, they could be one hell of a supergroup.

When were Klaxons invented?

They released their first EP, Xan Valleys, on 17 October 2006. It was released on Australian record label Modular Recordings, and contained their first two singles alongside various remixes. The band played their first North American dates in New York’s East Village in October 2006.

Who were the klaxons?

Jamie ReynoldsBass Guitar
Steffan HalperinJames RightonKeyboard instrumentSimon Taylor-DavisFinnigan KiddAcoustic Drum Kit

What genre are klaxons?


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What sound does a klaxon make?

Most people who attempt to describe the sound of a klaxon come up with something like “AH-OOH-GA,” and in fact it’s not uncommon to call a klaxon an “ahooga horn.” The word klaxon is actually trademarked, describing a specific mechanical horn first made by the Klaxon Company in 1908.

Why did the klaxons break up?

He says he definitely didn’t want to use his own name. “It was tough to end a band that you’ve been in for 10 years,” he says. “It just felt like a really good point to say, ‘Let’s take a break for a minute and see what else we can do’ and I felt I needed to do other things.” Klaxons achieved a lot.

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Is Klaxon trademarked?

Klaxon is a trademark for a brand of electromechanical horn or alerting device. Klaxon may also refer to: Klaxons, an English indie rock band.

When did the band Klaxons release their first album?

Klaxons were an English band, based in London. Following the release of several 7-inch singles on different independent record labels, as well as the success of previous singles “Magick” and “Golden Skans”, the band released their debut album, Myths of the Near Future on 29 January 2007.

When did Klaxons release their second album Surfing the void?

The album won the 2007 Nationwide Mercury Prize. After playing festivals and headlining tours worldwide (including the NME Indie Rave Tour) during late 2006–07, the band started working on their follow-up album in July 2007. Klaxons’ second album, Surfing the Void, was released on 23 August 2010.

When did Klaxons gravity’s Rainbow come out?

Klaxons debut single ” Gravity’s Rainbow ” was released on 27 March 2006, through the Angular Recording Corporation. The release was limited to 500 copies and on 7-inch vinyl only. Second single ” Atlantis to Interzone ” was released on 12 June 2006, before signing with major label Polydor Records two months later.

Who was the original drummer for the Klaxons?

Initially the band played with drummer Finnigan Kidd in 2005, until Kidd left to play with fellow New Cross band, Hatcham Social. Replacement live drummer Steffan Halperin joined in February 2006, with the band announcing him as an official member in an interview in Prefix Magazine in early 2007.