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What happened to Lakshmi in sold?

What happened to Lakshmi in sold?

Lakshmi is finally taken to a place called Happiness House, where she is sold to a fat woman named Mumtaz.

What is the significance of AMA’s earrings what might happen to Lakshmi If the earrings are sold?

Ama’s earrings is described as the joyful noise of tinkling gold. It signifies Ama’s pride. The family hoped it would serve as Lakshmi’s dowry, but they decide to sell it when things become really difficult. This means that Lakshmi’s dowry would not be paid.

What will happen to Lakshmi If the earrings are sold?

Lakshmi’s stepfather gambles away the money Ama gets from selling her earrings and decides that Lakshmi will go work as a maid in the city. He barters with Auntie Bimla for a price for Lakshmi.

How does Lakshmi feel when her stepfather returns with a motorcycle?

By Patricia McCormick Lakshmi and Ama awaken in the night to Lakshmi’s stepfather on a motorcycle, which he won from his gambling. Annoyed, Lakshmi listens to her mother and realizes that the motorcycle will help them find their way out of debt and poverty.

What does the pencil symbolize in sold?

In the brothel, the sense of possibility for Lakshmi is symbolized by a pencil. A pencil indicates the hopelessness of Lakshmi’s situation—she is stuck in the brothel while Harish can go to school. A pencil symbolizes everything that is beyond Lakshmi’s reach—language and freedom.

Why did Mumta forcing Pushpa leave?

Mumtaz orders Pushpa to leave Happiness House.

Who is Auntie Bimla in sold?

Tillotama Shome

What happened to Lakshmi in 10000 rupees?

Ten Thousand Rupees Uncle Husband pushes Lakshmi toward the woman, who asks him how much. After bartering with one another, the woman takes a notebook from inside her dress and writes down ten thousand rupees. Once the price is decided, the bird girl takes Lakshmi away from Uncle Husband to a small room upstairs.

Who is Tali in sold?

Tali is a young, female, goat and is the pet of Lakshmi. Tali is a cute, loud, goat who loves attention. Lakshmi is Tali’s favorite person.

Why did Patricia Mccormick write sold?

I chose to include a white American in the story for a number of reasons. One, the person who inspired me to write the book was, indeed, a white American photographer posing as a customer so he could find young girls in brothels.

How does Lakshmi escape plan?

She gives an American’s business card to a street boy who has always been kind to her, and waits for another American to appear. When one does show up at the brothel, the two make plans for Lakshmi’s escape. After Lakshmi waits for days, the American comes with non-corrupt policemen.

What does a tin roof symbolize for Lakshmi?

For Lakshmi, a tin roof means that “when the rains come, the fire stays lit and the baby stays healthy” (1. ATinRoof. 4)—both of which seem way better than their alternatives. And because of this, we understand that a roof symbolizes not just money, but warmth and health and general quality of life.

What things does Lakshmi wonder about on her journey?

Lakshmi was very concerned on how she can find Gita in such a busy city. She questions Auntie about the gold covered roofs and movies on the journey. She also rode in a cart and met up with other carts carrying various loads and wonders if she has reached the city.

What is Lakshmi’s life like in her Nepal Mountain Home?

Lakshmi is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with her family in a small hut on a mountain in Nepal. Her family is desperately poor, but her life is full of simple pleasures, like raising her black-and-white speckled goat and having her mother brush her hair by the light of an oil lamp.

How old is Lakshmi sold?


What happens to Lakshmi after she is locked in a room?

Happiness House First she’s locked in a small room where she is beaten and starved to get her to comply with Mumtaz’s demands that she have sex with men. And when Lakshmi fails to do this, she’s drugged and raped repeatedly until she learns to bow before Mumtaz’s leather strap and wishes.

Who is Lakshmi promised to marry?


Is Sold by Patricia Mccormick a true story?

It’s fiction, but it’s based on true stories.” Excerpt from author’s note in Sold: “Each year, nearly 12,000 Nepali girls are sold by their families, intentionally or unwittingly, into a life of sexual slavery in the brothels of India….

How does the book sold end?

It tells the story of a young girl who has been sold into prostitution to make money for her family. In the end, she’s trapped and it’s too late and now she’s just trying to find her way home. It’s a well written story and I did enjoy it, even if I don’t know how I exactly feel about the ending.

What is the theme of sold?

The main theme of “Sold” by Patricia McCormick is the triumph over adversity. Lakshmi never gives up the hope of escaping her captors and returning home to her family. Without that determination a person can’t overcome their hurdles.