What happened to Suresh Gopi daughter?

What happened to Suresh Gopi daughter?

They have five children—Lakshmi Suresh, Gokul Suresh, Bhagya Suresh, Bhavni Suresh, and Madhav Suresh. Lakshmi died in a car accident while she was one-and-a-half years old.

Who is the son of Suresh Gopi?

Gokul Suresh
Madhav Suresh
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Gokul Suresh (born 29 September 1993) is an Indian film actor who appears in Malayalam films. He is the son of actor-politician Suresh Gopi.

Who is the father of Renji Panicker?

Keshava Panikkar
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Is Suresh Gopi a member of Amma?

Suresh Gopi hasn’t participated in the meeting of AMMA since the issue. The actor says that Jagathy Sreekumar and Jagadheesh were extremely keen to put the blame on his head; and that was the factor which hurt him a lot.

Is Renji Panicker Nair?

Renji Panicker (born 23 September) is an Indian film actor, scriptwriter, director, film producer, and journalist best known for his Malayalam films. He made his debut as a director with Bharatchandran IPS in 2005….

Renji Panicker
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Who is mammootty daughter?

Kutty Surumi
He married Sulfath in 1979, and has a daughter, Surumi (born 1982), and a son Dulquer Salmaan (born 1986).

Who is Mohanlal daughter?

Vismaya Mohanlal
Amitabh Bachchan gave a massive shout out to Vismaya Mohanlal, daughter of Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, for her new book titled Grains Of Stardust, which is a collection of her paintings and poems.

What did Suresh Gopi say about his daughter?

Wednesday 08 January, 2020 | 11:24 AM READ MALAYALAM VERSION Actor Suresh Gopi turned emotional while talking about his daughter Lakshmi, who died in an accident and actor Indrans. The actor said his relationship with Indrans is very emotional.

Who is the actor in the king and the Commissioner?

Suresh Gopi reunited with Shaji Kailas and Renji Panicker in 2012 through The King & the Commissioner. In the film, which is a crossover of Commissioner (1994) and The King (1995), Suresh Gopi reprised his role as Bharathchandran I.P.S along with Mammooty reprising his role as Joseph Alex from The King.

When did Suresh Gopi become a Member of Parliament?

On 29 April 2016, Suresh Gopi was sworn in as a Member of Parliament (MP) in the Rajya Sabha, nominated by the President of India in the category of eminent citizens as per the provisions of Article 80 of the Constitution of India.

What’s the relationship between Indrans and Suresh Gopi?

The actor said his relationship with Indrans is very emotional. Suresh Gopi said although Indrans has done costumes in many of his films, he is close to my life and has an emotional connection with him. I buried my daughter with the shirt sewn by Indrans, Suresh Gopi opened his mind to the audience during Kodeeswaran programme.