What happens in Part 2 of the metamorphosis?

What happens in Part 2 of the metamorphosis?

The Metamorphosis Summary and Analysis of Chapter 2. At twilight Gregor wakes up, believing that he heard the noise of someone entering and leaving his room. Gregor’s sister comes in and, seeing he is under the sofa, takes away the milk. Instead, she brings various items to see which of them he will eat.

What does Gregor’s metamorphosis symbolize?

The character Gregor Samsa’s in the book “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka symbolizes change, in which he gets transformed into a large insect. Change literally means to make or do something in a different manner to get a new result. However the central theme of the masterpiece “The Metamorphosis” is change.

What does the bug symbolize in the metamorphosis?

There are multiple interpretations of the symbolism of the bug in The Metamorphosis. It could stand for Gregor’s alienation and separation from his family, as proof they don’t really care about him. It could show his physical limitations. His transformation may be part of a twisted Christ metaphor.

What does the food symbolize in the metamorphosis?

Food represents the way the members of the Samsa family feel toward Gregor. At the beginning of Part 2, she leaves milk and bread for him, showing sympathy and consideration for him after his transformation, particularly as milk was one of his favorite foods when he was human.

What is the significance of the view from Gregor’s window?

The metal fixture on the window represents the post-industrial age that Gregor inhabits and corresponds to the fact that he feels alienated and exploited at his job. The view from the window is one which features a gray sky and gray earth, which is symbolic of Gregor’s pre-transformation disposition.

How does the family feel after Gregor’s death?

After Gregor’s death, his family makes prayers of thanksgiving to God. Then, Mr. Samsa evicts the family’s three lodgers. Satisfied that they have done well for themselves, Gregor’s family spends the day resting and going for a stroll.