What happens in the movie Masoom?

What happens in the movie Masoom?

Indu (Shabana Azmi) and DK (Naseeruddin Shah) have a happy marriage and two daughters — Pinky and Minni — and live in Delhi. Despite the objections of Indu, who is devastated to learn of her husband’s infidelity, DK brings the boy to stay with them in Delhi.

Who is the little girl in Masoom?

Aradhana Srivastav
For that matter what was her real name? It’s Aradhana Srivastav and the lil’ moppet is now in her mid 30s, quite happy crooning Lakdi ki kathi to her five-year-old daughter Yashetta.

Was Masoom a hit?

The film was an instant hit and starred Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi along with Jugal Hansraj, Aradhana and Urmila Matondkar seen as the child actors.

When did Masoom movie released?

1983 (India)
Masoom/Release date

What is Jugal Hansraj novel The Coward and the sword about?

‘The Coward and the Sword’​ will be published by HarperCollins India. NEW DELHI: Actor-director Jugal Hansraj will in 2021 come out with his second book for children which is a journey of a timid young prince as he learns that true bravery lies within one’s own heart and should be used to create peace, not war.

In which movie Jugal Hansraj had a lead role?


Year Title Role(s)
2007 Aaja Nachle Sanjay Mehra
2008 Roadside Romeo
2010 Pyaar Impossible! Store Manager
2016 Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh Mohit Dewan

Who is the kid in Chanda hai tu?

actor Darsheel Safary
The song is picturised on child actor Darsheel Safary, who is seen trying to hide his tears under a running tap water, in this Aamir Khan debut directorial.

Is Masoom a sad movie?

Masoom is a sweet, sad story about the repercussions of bad decisions made by basically good people. Indu (Shabana Azmi) and DK (Naseeruddin Shah) have a happy marriage. They are partners and lovers, and their prosperous home is filled with the laughter of their two sunny, affectionate daughters.

Who directed Masoom?

Shekhar Kapur

What is the name of Jugal Hansraj New West novel?

The Coward and The Sword
The actor-filmmaker is in buoyant spirits, with his new book, The Coward and The Sword having just been acquired by HarperCollins Publishers India. This is not Hansraj’s first book, though.

Which was Jugal Hansraj newest novel?

The Coward and the Sword
He hopes “besides getting entertained, the young readers can find some encouragement and positivity while reading this one”. Bollywood actor-turned-director Jugal Hansraj’s latest book, The Coward and the Sword is a tale of bravery of a timid prince.