What happens to M8 paper when it comes into contact with a liquid nerve or blister agent?

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What happens to M8 paper when it comes into contact with a liquid nerve or blister agent?

When a page is brought into contact with liquid that contains nerve or blister agents, the indicator dyes in the paper react with the agents to produce colored dots. The color indicates the type of agent present.

What colors patterns would you detect on your M9 paper if you have been exposed to a liquid chemical agent?

M9 paper is placed on personnel and equipment to identify the presence of liquid chemical agent aerosols. It will turn pink, red, reddish brown, or red-purple when exposed to liquid agents.

What color is M 8 paper when it is exposed to G series nerve agent?

There are three sensitive indicator dyes suspended in the paper matrix. The paper is blotted on a suspected liquid agent and observed for a color change. V-type nerve agents turn the M8 paper dark green, G-type nerve agents turn it yellow, and blister agents turn it red.

What does M9 paper detect?

M9 Chemical Agent Detection Paper is used to identify the presence of liquid chemical agent aerosols. It is designed to detect nerve (V- and G- types) and mustard (H, HD, HN, and HT) agents.

What is the difference between M8 and M9 paper?

M8 is packaged in a booklet of 25 individual sheets 10 × 6.5 cm each. Three (3)-Way paper is packaged in a booklet of 12 individual sheets 10 × 6.5 cm each. M9 is packaged as a continuous roll 9.1 m long × 5.1 cm wide in a cardboard dispenser with a serrated edge.

What best describes an alarm yellow?

Which one best describes Alarm Yellow? Attack is probable in less than 30 minutes.

What does alarm yellow mean?

Yellow – Alarm yellow is announced over the giant voice system or displayed with a yellow flag. It means that attack is probable within 30 minutes or less. Seek protective shelter immediately.

What are three colors M 8 paper can display?

What are three colors M-8 paper can display? Yellow, Green, Red.

What is the strongest type of shoring?

“K” type shoring

What is a shoring Batten?

The 7- to 12-foot shoring batten is a template that is used for taking measurements and angle runs on the deck and the rise height on a bulkhead. To determine the angle of a wooden shore that has to be cut, the batten is positioned against the bulkhead strongback and an anchor point on the deck.

What is shoring in the Navy?

Shoring is the process of placing props against the side of a structure, or beneath or above anything, to prevent sinking or sagging. A wedge is a block, triangular on the sides and rectangular on the butt end. A shole is a flat plate which may be placed under the end of a shore to distribute weight or pressure.

What do heavy lines represent on a DC diagram?

The heavy lines are used for the Higher-Current power circuit or conductors.

What is a stuffing tube used for onboard ships?

Stuffing Box is a sealing gland, having numerous applications on a ship. It is kind of a packing material used to seal pump, valve , stern-tubes etc. It is also used in boats, where the propeller shaft it protrudes out of the hull.

What fluid is carried by a piping system having hand wheels colored light striped blue and red?

48 Cards in this Set

what are the two types of portable eductors? S-TYPE , PERI JET
The fluid carried by a piping system having handwheels colored light blue and red is? AFFF
The x50J circit is___circuit. AFFFor Fog
What size hose is used with the submersible pump for water supply? No Hose

What type of door is used where there is a pressure drop between the two spaces?

Revolving doors are energy efficient as they (acting as an airlock) prevent drafts, thus decreasing the loss of heating or cooling for the building. Revolving doors were designed to relieve stack effect pressure in buildings.

What happens when you open a door in space?

Bad Things Happen When the airlock is unsafely open or a hole is made in a spaceship, the air inside attempts to fill the void of space. This means the the air pressure practically drops to zero, as practically all the air moves out of the spaceship in a terribly feeble attempt to fill the void.

What is an airlock entrance?

An airlock entryway (vestibule) has two airtight doors that reduce the amount of air infiltration and heat loss when the exterior door is opened. Double door airlock entries are common features in energy-efficient homes in cold climates, but they also reduce air conditioning costs in hot climates.

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Astronauts are now ready to get out of their spacecraft. They leave the spacecraft through a special door called an airlock. The airlock has two doors.

What is the most iconic spaceship ever?

8 The USS Enterprise – Star Trek The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is most likely the most widely recognized spaceship in all of pop culture.

What is the most iconic spaceship?

  • Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica, 2004-09)
  • Elysium ship (2013)
  • Reapers (‘Mass Effect’ franchise)
  • USS Enterprise line (‘Star Trek’ franchise)
  • Millennium Falcon (“Star Wars” franchise)
  • Serenity (‘Firefly’ franchise) Zoic Studios.
  • Alien ships in ‘Arrival’ (2016) Paramount.
  • Spaceball One (‘Spaceballs,’ 1987) MGM.

Can you open a door on a plane?

While the news never fails to report these events, it seldom mentions the most important fact: you cannot –- repeat, cannot — open the doors or emergency hatches of an airplane in flight. Think of an aircraft door as a drain plug, fixed in place by the interior pressure. Almost all aircraft exits open inward.

Why do planes stop in mid air?

The only way this can happen is when the thrust from the engine exceeds the drag that pulls the plane back. This process creates a lift force that propels the plane forward and up.

Where does the poop go on a train?

The traditional method of disposing human waste from trains is to deposit the waste onto the tracks or, more often, onto nearby ground using what is known as a hopper toilet. This ranges from a hole in the floor to a full-flush system (possibly with sterilization).

Can you poop in an airplane bathroom?

In a plane toilet, strong suction and teflon-like walls pull excreta away using a small quantity of water. Even if the pilot and flight attendants want to empty a tank midflight, it is not possible as the valve is located on the outside of the plane, and can be only opened by the ground crew.

How do you not use the bathroom on a plane?

Boarding and While Onboard

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks to prevent frequent trips to the bathroom.
  2. Consider limiting fluids before a flight.
  3. Double-check aisle chair availability with airline staff at the gate.
  4. Give flight attendants advance notice of accessibility needs.

Which of the following are used to detect nerve agents and blister agents?

Infrared detectors are used in mobile detectors to detect blister and nerve agent vapors.

What is M8 and M9 paper?

Chemical Agent Detection Papers (M8, M9 and 3-Way) are indicating papers designed to detect and differentiate between the three major groups of liquid chemical warfare agents (G, V, and H) in liquid form. M8 and M9 paper may give false positive readings when exposed to temperatures above 125°F or below 32°F.

What should you do when issued your CPO?

What should you do when issued your CPO? – Leave items in the factory bag.

What can blister agents do to rubber gloves?

What can blister agents do to rubber gloves? Reduce the protective time provided by the gloves. Each M295 kit consists of a wallet containing four individual decon packets. What does each packet contain?

Which type of nuclear burst occurs under 100000?

Air Burst. The fireball does not touch the ground. Detonation is below 100,000 feet.

Which is an example of active use of M8 paper?

What is an example of active use of M8 paper? Protective actions such as obtaining immunizations and taking preventative medications as well as maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle are individual protective actions for which type of hazard? Who decides to implement split MOPP?

What does MOPP 4 mean?

MOPP 4 is the highest level. In MOPP 4, the over garment, over boots, protective mask and gloves are worn. The 48th Fighter Wing Inspection team supports the focus on MOPP levels and training.

What method may be used to deliver biological warfare agents?

Delivery. Biological warfare agents can be disseminated in various ways. Through the air by aerosol sprays: To be an effective biological weapon, airborne germs must be dispersed as fine particles. To be infected, a person must breathe a sufficient quantity of particles into the lungs to cause illness.

How long should it take you to don your protective mask?

Standards: Protect yourself from C/B agent and/or unknown toxic industrial chemical contamination using your assigned protective mask; don, clear, and seal your mask within 9 seconds.

How many seconds do you have to don your gas mask?

Standards: Protect yourself from chemical or biological contamination using your assigned protective mask. Don, clear, and check your mask within 9 seconds.

Which one shields your face eyes and respiratory tract from chemical and biological warfare agents and radioactive dust particles?

The MCU-2A/P mask with a serviceable canister filter installed protects the faces, eyes, and respiratory tract from chemical and biological warfare agents and radioactive dust particles. A properly worn mask provides a gas-tight face seal which prevents unfiltered air from reaching the wearer’s respiratory system.

Which one provides the best protection against gamma rays?

Thick, dense shielding is necessary to protect against gamma rays. The higher the energy of the gamma ray, the thicker the shield must be. X-rays pose a similar challenge.

What is the meaning of CBRN?

chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear

Which M50 mask accessory should be used in storing the mask for more than 30 days?

M- 50 FPM is used to provide 24 hours protection against chemical , radioactive effects and also from biological agents. IT has several accessories out of which face form is one which is used only when mask is to preserved for a long period of time.

Which immediate decontamination technique should be started within 1 minute after exposure?

If chemical agents contact your skin, you must take immediate action to decontaminate yourself. Start the skin decon technique within 1 minute of becoming con- taminated because some toxic chemical agents, especial- ly nerve agents, are rapidly absorbed by the skin and can kill in minutes.

Where is the correct place or places to store the operator cards and waterproof bag in the mask carrier?

The operator cards and waterproofing bag are stored in a pocket on the front of the mask carrier. The mask is stowed in the mask carrier main stowage area.

What is mission oriented protective posture?

MOPP (an acronym for “Mission Oriented Protective Posture”; pronounced “mop”) is protective gear used by U.S. military personnel in a toxic environment, e.g., during a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) strike: Protective mask — Commonly referred to as a gas mask or pro mask.

Which is the most available explosive agent?

Here are five of these non-nuclear chemicals which all explode via the rapid release of gas.

  • TNT. One of the most commonly known explosive chemicals is trinitrotoluene, or TNT, which has featured extensively in video games and films.
  • TATP.
  • RDX.
  • PETN.
  • Aziroazide azide.

Which type of nerve agent is the most persistent?

VX is the least volatile of the nerve agents, which means that it is the slowest to evaporate from a liquid into a vapor. Therefore, VX is persistent in the environment.

How long do you have to use MOPP 4?

eight minutes

What does the Jslist protect against?

The JSLIST coat and trousers’ outer camouflage layer repels water and its inner layer is designed to provide the user with protection from the effects of chemical and biological contaminants and toxic industrial material in any form including anthrax, sarin gas and smallpox.

What does MOPP stand for Military?

Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear: Military PPE. MOPP Gear: personal protective equipment (PPE) ensemble worn by troops in CBRN-contaminated environments. Protects against. Chemical agents.

Do MOPP suits protect against radiation?

In MOPP gear, soldiers have protection against all known chemical agents, live biological agents, and toxins. MOPP gear does not protect against initial nuclear radiation or the hazards of residual radiological contamination from induced gamma and fallout. Soldiers wearing MOPP gear cannot work long or fast.

What does Jslist stand for Army?

The Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology or JSLIST consists of a two piece garment designed to replace the Navy’s existing Chemical Protection Overgarment (CPO).

How much does MOPP gear weigh?

Weighing just under six pounds, the new suit is about half the weight of the BDO. It is available in 4-color Woodland or a 3-color Desert Camouflage pattern. It can be worn in an uncontaminated environment for 45 days with up to six launderings or for over 120 days with no launderings.