What happens to Mr Hulot at the end of Mon Oncle?

What happens to Mr Hulot at the end of Mon Oncle?

When Mon Oncle ends, it’s on the depressing note of Hulot’s quaint neighborhood being torn down to make way for a sterile apartment block, and Hulot himself exiled from the city. Unlike Chaplin in Modern Times, Tati doesn’t attach his critique of modernity to a political point of view.

What is Mon Oncle about?

Genial, bumbling Monsieur Hulot (Jacques Tati) loves his top-floor apartment in a grimy corner of the city, and cannot fathom why his sister’s family has moved to the suburbs. Their house is an ultra-modern nightmare, which Hulot only visits for the sake of stealing away his rambunctious young nephew (Alain Becourt). Hulot’s sister (Adrienne Servantie), however, wants to win him over to her new way of life, and conspires to set him up with a wife and job.

Does Mon Oncle have dialogue?

The dialogue in Mon Oncle is barely audible, and largely subordinated to the role of a sound effect. The drifting noises of heated arguments and idle banter complement other sounds and the physical movements of the characters, intensifying comedic effect.

Is Mon Oncle a silent movie?

He hardly ever says anything, and indeed “Mon Oncle” is halfway a silent film, with the dialogue sounding like an unexpected interruption in a library. Hulot was the hero of “Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday,” but in “Mon Oncle,” he is a lost soul, unemployed, bemused and confused by the modern world.

Who designed Villa Arpel?

Jacques Tati’s

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