What is a cleaning job called?

What is a cleaning job called?

Janitor, caretaker, or custodian could also be used, but those jobs tend to be broader in scope than just cleaning: maintenance and other aspects of looking after a building can also be included.

What do you call a lady who cleans houses?

daily, housekeeper, maid, charwoman, cleaning lady, housecleaner, housemaid, maidservant.

What is a laundress?

: a woman who is a laundry worker.

What is a Charman?

: a man who does janitor’s odd jobs.

What is the meaning of chars?

To char is to burn or blacken something so that it’s like charcoal but still tasty. A char is something that has been burned in this way. To char is to burn something on the outside. Unfortunately, char can also mean to reduce to charcoal — if there’s a house fire, couches and chairs could be charred.

What does Unscorched mean?

Definition of “unscorched” [unscorched] Not scorched. (

What’s the meaning of decipherment?

In philology, decipherment is the discovery of the meaning of texts written in ancient or obscure languages or scripts. Decipherment in cryptography refers to decryption. The term is used sardonically in everyday language to describe attempts to read poor handwriting.

What does chars mean in typing?

Sometimes abbreviated as char, a character is a single visual object used to represent text, numbers, or symbols. For example, the letter “A” is a single character. With a computer, one character is equal to one byte, which is 8 bits.

Is Char a real word?

noun. Material that has been charred. ‘The rest of the material forms char, which is nearly pure carbon, and ash, which is all of the unburnable minerals in the wood (calcium, potassium, and so on). ‘

What does avert mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to turn away or aside (the eyes, one’s gaze, etc.)

What does character mean in literature?

A character is any person, animal, or figure represented in a literary work. The different types of characters include protagonists, antagonists, dynamic, static, round, flat, and stock. They can both fit into more than one category and change from one category to another throughout the course of a story.