What is a sentence that uses a prepositional phrase as an adverb?

What is a sentence that uses a prepositional phrase as an adverb?

The ballerina danced across the floor. The object of the preposition is “floor”. The preposition “across” is telling us the relationship between floor and “danced”. “Danced” is a verb, so the prepositional phrase is an adverb phrase.

What is the difference between a term and a phrase?

As nouns the difference between phrase and term is that phrase is a short written or spoken expression while term is limitation, restriction or regulation.

How did you classify a polynomial from not a polynomial?

Answer: An algebraic expression is not a polynomial when there are square roots, negative powers, and variables in the denominator of any fractions….

What do you call a 4 term polynomial?

Polynomials can be classified by the number of terms with nonzero coefficients, so that a one-term polynomial is called a monomial, a two-term polynomial is called a binomial, and a three-term polynomial is called a trinomial. The term “quadrinomial” is occasionally used for a four-term polynomial.

How did you classify a polynomial?

Answer. Answer: Polynomial is being categorized according to the number of terms and the degree present. Based on the value, one term is called as monomial (when n = 1), two-degree polynomial (when n = 2) and three-degree polynomial (when n = 3)….

How do you classify the number of terms?

Example: The polynomial is classified by the number of terms as:

  1. Monomial – One term – 3x.
  2. Binomial – Two Term – 7a-5.
  3. Trinomial – Three Term –

What are the classification of polynomials according to the degree?

Table 10.2 Classifying a Polynomial Based on Its Degree

Degree Classification Example
0 constant 2×0 or 2
1 linear 6×1 + 9 or 6x + 9
2 quadratic 4×2 – 25x + 6
3 cubic x3 – 1

Is 5x a polynomial?

Different types of polynomials Monomials – these are polynomials containing only one term (“mono” means one.) 5x, 4, y, and 5y4 are all examples of monomials. Trinomials – a trinomial is a polynomial that contains three terms (“tri” meaning three.)…

What is the degree of 9x?

Each term in a polynomial has what’s called a degree, or a value based on the exponent attached to its variable. The degree of 9×2 is 2, for example.