What is a superhero film in French?

What is a superhero film in French?

While the Dictionary.com definition of “superhero” is “a figure, especially in a comic strip or cartoon, endowed with superhuman powers and usually portrayed as fighting evil or crime”, the longstanding Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the definition as “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also: …

What does superb mean in text?

adjective. admirably fine or excellent; extremely good: a superb performance.

How do you use the word superb?

Superb in a Sentence ?

  1. Because of the superb performance, the cast received a standing ovation.
  2. The diners complimented the chef on the superb meal.
  3. The hotel was a superb retreat for the socially elite.
  4. Knowing that the affair had to be superb, they hired the best wedding planner they could find.

How do you say something is superb?

Superb synonyms

  1. excellent (related) Outstandingly good of its kind; of exceptional merit, virtue, etc.
  2. fabulous. Hard to believe; incredible; astounding.
  3. magnificent. Splendid in appearance; grand:
  4. exquisite. Especially fine or pleasing; exceptional.
  5. august.
  6. ace.
  7. superior.
  8. splendid.

How do you express very delicious?

Beyond “Delicious”

  1. Tastes great! Eating something delicious right now?
  2. Really good! Here’s something else you could say instead of delicious.
  3. Wow, [this food] is amazing!
  4. Yummy.
  5. Flavorful.
  6. Mouth-watering.
  7. This [food] is too [flavor] for me/for my taste.
  8. It could use a little more/less…

What are mementoes?

: something that serves to warn or remind a museum filled with war mementos— Libby Lubin also : souvenir mementos of their travels.

What is the difference between sumptuous and scrumptious?

As adjectives the difference between sumptuous and scrumptious. is that sumptuous is magnificent, luxurious, splendid while scrumptious is delicious; delectable.

What is another word for good food?

What is another word for good food?

superfood nutrient-rich food
nourishing food nutritious food
healthy food nutraceutical

How do you use scrumptious in a sentence?

  1. That was absolutely scrumptious !
  2. We had a scrumptious time.
  3. Diaz’s food is as scrumptious to the palate as the bank lobby is beautiful to behold.
  4. What a scrumptious meal!
  5. We had a scrumptious lunch.
  6. May I have another helping of that scrumptious salad?
  7. Those scrumptious chocolates are so hard to resist.

How do you spell delicious?

Correct spelling for the English word “delicious” is [dɪlˈɪʃəs], [dɪlˈɪʃəs], [d_ɪ_l_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).