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What is a synonym for insert?

What is a synonym for insert?

Some common synonyms of insert are insinuate, intercalate, interject, interpolate, interpose, and introduce.

Is embed a synonym for insert?

In this page you can discover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for insert, like: addition, insertion, embed, include, inserted, foist, imbed, interpolate, stick in, slip-in and null.

What is the meaning of insert?

transitive verb. 1 : to put or thrust in insert the key in the lock. 2 : to put or introduce into the body of something : interpolate insert a change in a manuscript. 3 : to set in and make fast especially : to insert by sewing between two cut edges.

What is the antonym of insert?

What is the opposite word for Insert? extract. insert and extract. withdraw. insert and withdraw.

What is the antonym for interior?

inside, interior(noun) the inner or enclosed surface of something. Antonyms: outward, foreign, external, outside(a), coastal, exterior, out(a)

What does interior mean in English?

1 : the inner or spiritual nature : character. 2 : the interior part (as of a country or island) 3 : the internal or inner part of a thing : inside. 4 : the internal affairs of a state or nation. 5 : a representation (as in a play or movie) of the interior of a building.

What is the synonym of affection?

SYNONYMS. fondness, love, liking, endearment, feeling, sentiment, tenderness, warmth, warmness, devotion, care. caring, attentiveness, closeness, attachment, affinity, friendliness, friendship, intimacy, familiarity. amity, favour, regard, respect, admiration.

What is a better word than bored?

tedious, mundane, monotonous, stodgy, humdrum, tiring, dull, lifeless, stupid, trite, stuffy, tiresome, tame, uninteresting, stale, flat, commonplace, bomb, bummer, plebeian.

What is not boring?

People who are not boring are often outgoing and adventurous. In order to be a less boring person, it’s important to be open to others, have a sense of humor, and be adventurous. Being a less boring person can change your personal interactions, your social world, and your daily life.

What are flirty questions to ask a girl?

Flirty questions to ask a girl: the complete set

  • There’s just something about you.
  • You drive me a little crazy, you know that?
  • You know you’re amazing right?
  • Wanna get outta here?
  • What would you say if I asked you out to dinner?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • What’s behind that smile of yours I wonder?