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What is a synonym for the word charter?

What is a synonym for the word charter?

Some common synonyms of charter are hire, lease, let, and rent.

What is the best synonym for charter?

other words for charter

  • code.
  • constitution.
  • contract.
  • document.
  • license.
  • pact.
  • permit.
  • settlement.

What does the word charter mean?

1a : a grant or guarantee of rights, powers, or privileges from an authority or agency of a state or country a state bank charter — compare constitution. b : a written instrument that creates and defines the powers and privileges of a city, educational institution, or corporation — compare articles of incorporation.

What does Charter mean in history?

Charter, a document granting certain specified rights, powers, privileges, or functions from the sovereign power of a state to an individual, corporation, city, or other unit of local organization.

What are the three types of charters?

There were three types of colonial charters; proprietary, company and charter.

What type of word is charter D?

A “charter”, by current definition, is a written document, issued by a figure of authority, granting specific rights and permissions. The utilization of this term – with the alternate spelling, “charter’d” – in William Blake’s “London”, carries with it the meaning of being confined within the city limits.

What does Appals mean?

verbappals, appalling, appalled. [with object] Greatly dismay or horrify.

What does Forg D mean?

If the manacles are “mind-forg’d”, it means that we make them ourselves. These are our self-imposed limitations, the things that hold us back, the prison that we create in our own mind. In other words, Blake finds us entirely responsible for our own misery, pain and suffering….

What does the mind Forg D manacles I hear mean?

Humans bring meaning to nature in the form of imaginative thought. The “mind-forg’d manacles” represent Blake’s perception of self-limitation and the denigration of the human imagination. Blake explores this idea of self-limitation in his poems entitled Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.

Why is the oxymoron marriage hearse used?

That final image – the oxymoron of the ‘Marriage hearse’ (hearses are for funerals, not weddings) – appears to mean that the young unmarried mother’s unwanted child, and the misery of both mother and infant alike, is the final nail in the coffin of the idea of marriage as a sacred union which is associated not only ……

What does every Blackning Church appalls mean?

Metaphor used to attack Church – “Every Blackening Church appalls” – Church indirectly responsible- black with soot of chimney sweepers. appalling with fear (go pale with fear) – IRONIC.

What is a chartered street?

The “chartered streets” refers to the system of commercial management, or charters, that existed in the city. The same system extends into nature, too: the “chartered Thames”. Blake is saying that even the ancient and unencumbered river is managed for profit….