What is a tankful?

What is a tankful?

tankful in British English (ˈtæŋkfʊl) the capacity or contents of a tank or large container for the storage of liquids or gases. a tankful of petrol.

Is tankful a word?

This is the British English definition of tankful. View American English definition of tankful….tankful ​Definitions and Synonyms.

singular tankful
plural tankfuls

What does foible mean?

1 : the part of a sword or foil blade between the middle and point. 2 : a minor flaw or shortcoming in character or behavior : weakness admired their teacher despite his foibles …

Is studier a word?

noun. 1A person engaged in or dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge; a scholar.

What is the meaning of studier?

(ˈstʌdɪə) n. (Education) someone who studies.

What is a person who studies called?

1. A polymath is someone who studies and is an expert in a vast range of topics.

What is another word for studying?

What is another word for studying?

revision cramming
disquisition probing
reading probe
schooling account
scrutiny cogitation

How do you describe studying?

Here are some adjectives for studying: in-depth psychiatric, thorough, long-term, quietly refined, graphic and poignant, long instinctive, rough but very full, semester-social, wholly intelligent and adequate, long vicarious, worth careful, intense postdoctoral, jaded and formal, long and intensive, properly rigorous.

What is another word for steady?

What is another word for steady?

constant unvarying
continuous unchanging
consistent unwavering
ceaseless changeless
uniform undeviating

Is constant same as steady?

As adjectives the difference between constant and steady is that constant is unchanged through time or space; permanent while steady is firm in standing or position; not tottering or shaking; fixed; firm.

What is the antonym of steady?

steady. Antonyms: infirm, variable, unsteady, inconstant, changeable, wavering, illregulated. Synonyms: firm, fixed, constant, uniform, consistent, equable, regular, undeviating, well-regulated.

What animal represents balance?


What are the 3 main symbols of Buddhism?

Early Buddhist symbols According to Karlsson, three specific signs, the Bodhi tree, the Dharma wheel and the stupa, occur frequently at all these major sites and thus “the earliest Buddhist cult practice focused on these three objects”.

What is the symbol for inner peace?

lotus flower

What is the Buddhist symbol for love?

the endless knot

What does the five colors represent in Buddhism?

The principle colors involved in Buddhism are Blue, Black, White, Red, Green, and Yellow, and each — except for Black — are aligned to a specific Buddha. Associated with the Akshobhya Buddha and the healer ‘Blue Buddha,’ Blue represents tranquility, ascension, the infitine, purity, and healing.

What is the Buddhist symbol for peace?

The swastika was always a symbol of peace before the Nazi Party got ahold of it and turned it into their symbol. In Buddhism, it’s representative of the footprints of the Buddha. It is an aniconic symbol for the Buddha in many parts of Asia and a homologous with the dhamma wheel.

What are the Four Noble Truths and what do they mean?

They are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering. The Four Noble Truths are a contingency plan for dealing with the suffering humanity faces — suffering of a physical kind, or of a mental nature.