What is a whenua in English?

What is a whenua in English?

The Māori word for land, whenua, also means placenta. All life is seen as being born from the womb of Papatūānuku, under the sea. The lands that appear above water are placentas from her womb.

What is Tangata Whenua in English?

In New Zealand, tangata whenua (Māori pronunciation: [ˈtaŋata ˈfɛnʉ. a]) is a Māori term that literally means “people of the land”.

How do you use Tangata Whenua in a sentence?

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  1. The Tangata Whenua of the locality are represented by two neighbouring Marae.
  2. When bones are found, the tangata whenua are supposed to be called.
  3. Rather, they are ” tangata whenua “– first people.
  4. Curtis is co-owner of the independent New Zealand production company Whenua Films.

What does Mauri mean in English?

1. (noun) life principle, life force, vital essence, special nature, a material symbol of a life principle, source of emotions – the essential quality and vitality of a being or entity.

What does Māori mean?

Etymology: māori, meaning “aborigine”, “native”, “normal”, “ordinary”, or “plain”. Maori(Noun) Member of the people of New Zealand. Etymology: māori, meaning “aborigine”, “native”, “normal”, “ordinary”, or “plain”.

What is Nga mihi?

Nga mihi nui! It’s Maori Language Week. Here’s my mihi in te reo. The English translation is : Greetings to all.

What does Pakeha mean literally?

Analysis. Historians and language experts agree that the original meaning of the word Pākehā is most likely to be ‘pale, imaginary beings resembling men’, referring to a sea-dwelling, godlike people in Māori mythology. It has been used to describe Europeans, and then New Zealanders of European descent since before 1815 …

Does Pakeha mean pig?

The more common Māori word for flea is puruhi. It is also sometimes claimed that pākehā means “white pig” or “unwelcome white stranger”. However, no part of the word signifies “pig”, “white”, “unwelcome”, or “stranger”.

Can you be a white Maori?

Being Māori is not a dichotomy – we cannot categorise Maori into ‘black’ or ‘white’ because Kiwi identities are complex, and being Māori is about more than a skin colour. For Māori like myself, we were not raised in te ao Māori or encouraged to speak te reo Māori.

Is Pakeha an ethnicity?

European New Zealanders (Pākehā) are a European ethnic group. It includes New Zealanders of European descent, European peoples (e.g. British, Dutch, German, Russian), and other peoples of indirect European descent (e.g. Americans, Canadians, South Africans and Australians).

What is Melaa ethnicity?

MELAA refers to Middle Eastern, Latin American and African. People could choose more than one ethnicity and categories are not exclusive.

What ethnicity starts with O?

At A Glance

Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
I American Indian or Alaskan Native Not Provided
J Native Hawaiian Not Provided
N Black (Non-Hispanic) Not Provided
O White (Non-Hispanic) Not Provided

What is a ethnicity code?

Self defined ethnicity (SDE) codes are a set of codes used by the Home Office in the United Kingdom to classify an individual’s ethnicity according to that person’s self-definition. The codes are also called “16 + 1” codes, as there are 16 of them, plus one code (NS) for “not stated”.

How would you describe your ethnicity?

Commonalities such as racial, national, tribal, religious, linguistic, or cultural origin may be used to describe someone’s ethnicity. While someone may say their race is “Black,” their ethnicity might be Italian, or someone may say their race is “White,” and their ethnicity is Irish.

What is my ethnicity if I’m Pakistani?

Asian: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent including, for example, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam.

What is the ethnicity code for white British?


Code Ethnicity
W1 British
W2 Irish
W9 Any other White background

What are the 6 ethnic groups UK?

The ethnicity question in the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland asked people to choose from the following 11 ethnic groups:

  • White.
  • Chinese.
  • Irish Traveller.
  • Indian.
  • Pakistani.
  • Bangladeshi.
  • Black Caribbean.
  • Black African.

Which city in England has the largest black population?

the regions with the highest percentages of the Black population were London (13.3%) and the West Midlands (3.3%) – the lowest were the North East (0.5%) and Wales (0.6%)

What is the whitest area in England?


Which is the whitest county in England?

Blanaeu Gwent