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What is an example of tentatively?

What is an example of tentatively?

The definition of tentative is not definite or final. An example of tentative is possible, though not definite, plans to go to the movies sometime on Friday.

Where do you put tentatively?

Tentatively in a Sentence ?

  • Because I was worried the pool might be too cold, I tentatively stuck my foot in the water.
  • The scared kitten tentatively approached the elderly woman.
  • Since the boy was afraid of rejection, he tentatively leaned closer to his date.

What does tentatively tentatively mean?

: with hesitancy or uncertainty : in a tentative manner He tentatively agreed to the deal.

How do you use tentative date in a sentence?

tentative date in a sentence

  1. He set a tentative date of June 5 for the hearing.
  2. No tentative date for the all-Balkan meeting was proposed.
  3. The tentative date for the event is March 15-19.
  4. The state TV said tentative date for the visit was Tuesday.
  5. Parliament has set a tentative date for closing another in 2003.

What is a tentative verb?

Choose the adjective tentative to describe something you are unsure or hesitant about. On Monday, you can make tentative plans for the weekend, but it’s too early to commit to one party or another. Tentative, from the Latin tentātīvus, “testing, trying,” always describes something that is uncertain.

What type of word is tentatively?

adjective. of the nature of or made or done as a trial, experiment, or attempt; experimental: a tentative report on her findings. unsure; uncertain; not definite or positive; hesitant: a tentative smile on his face.

What is a synonym of tentatively *?

Synonyms for tentative. conditional, contingent (on or upon), dependent, subject (to)

Can you vindicate yourself?

To clear someone or oneself of some guilt, accusation, blame, suspicion, etc.; to affirm or uphold someone’s or one’s own innocence or justification regarding something. This ruling vindicates him of criminal charges that extend back into the early 90s.

What does autonomously mean?

1a : having the right or power of self-government an autonomous territory. b : undertaken or carried on without outside control : self-contained an autonomous school system.

What is autonomous behavior?

The ability of an individual to exercise his or her rights, have choices respected, remain independent and be involved in his or her own care decisions. Psychiatry. Ethical principle of individual self-determination.

What does an autonomous person mean?

In its simplest sense, autonomy is about a person’s ability to act on his or her own values and interests. In order to do these things, the autonomous person must have a sense of self-worth and self-respect.