What is another name for index?

What is another name for index?

What is another word for index?

list listing
inventory catalogueUK
directory catalogUS
file table
table of contents record

What is the antonym of low?

English Synonyms and Antonyms low. Antonyms: elevated, eminent, exalted, high, lofty, noble, proud, steep, tall, towering, uplifted. Synonyms: base, deep, degraded, depressed, dwarfed, inferior, mean, short, stunted.

What is a antonym for record?

Antonyms: erase, delete. Synonyms: memorialize, immortalize, memorialise, show, videotape, enter, register, tape, immortalise, read, commemorate, put down. read, register, show, record(verb)

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What’s another name for a record?

What is another word for record?

account report
chronicle document
file annals
documentation register
archive diary

What is your home of origin?

: the place where something is made or created The wine is named for its place of origin.

Can a person have a country of origin?

As a result, an individual work can have multiple countries as its “country of origin”, and may even have different countries recognized as originating places for the purpose of different legal jurisdictions.

What is another name for home?

SYNONYMS FOR home 1 abode, dwelling, habitation; domicile. 2 hearth, fireside. 3 asylum.

What is meant by city of residence?

City of Residence means and includes any city, town or village in which the Insured Person is currently residing in India and as specified in the Insured Person’s corresponding address in the Policy Certificate/Certificate of Insurance; Sample 1. Sample 2.

What should I write in place of residence?


  1. ZIP code.
  2. abode.
  3. box number.
  4. direction.
  5. domicile.
  6. dwelling.
  7. headquarters.
  8. home.
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What is the difference between residence and address?

As nouns the difference between residence and address is that residence is residence (place where one resides) while address is direction or superscription of a letter, or the name, title, and place of residence of the person addressed.

Can you have two permanent addresses?

You can own a residence in that state while having official residency status in another state. You can establish each residence with the United States Postal Service. Send a piece of mail to your second home. In other words, you don’t need permission from the post office to receive mail at your second address.

What is present and permanent address?

Permanent address appears in government documents like voter id card, ration card, driving license, and passport. Therefore, permanent address is also defined as an address where the applicant receives official documents and correspondence. Present address is a Present location.

What does it mean current residence?

Address = the exact place you live. place of current residence = the district or city that you live in. See a translation.

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Whats the difference between current and permanent address?

Present address is where you live now. Permanent address is the address where you have access to all the time, If someone not able to reach you at present address, you are always accessible through permanent address.

What is the root of residence?

The root word for residence is resid(e) and the suffix is -ence. The root word comes from the Latin original resid(ere), meaning to reside, to dwell, to live in. It also comes from the Latin original -entia.

What does residence type mean?

A person can have two places of residence, such as one in the city and one in the country, but only one domicile. Residence means living in a particular locality, but domicile means living in that locality with the intent to make it a fixed and permanent home.

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