What is audience centeredness in public speaking?

What is audience centeredness in public speaking?

Being audience-centered means putting the audience at the center of your presentation. This is a powerful approach to help you really connect and make a difference, rather than just making a speech or presenting dry knowledge. They say it is ‘giving’ a speech because it is that, a gift, given for the audience.

What must a public speaker be audience centered?

Why must a public speaker be audience centered? Your goal is to gain a desired response from the audience. Therefore, they must be a large focus within your speech. Theis means you must analyze your audience’s attitudes of the speech.

Why is being audience centered so important to success as a public speaker?

Taking an audience-centered approach is important because a speaker’s effectiveness will be improved if the presentation is created and delivered in an appropriate manner. Identifying the audience through extensive research is often difficult, so audience adaptation often relies on the healthy use of imagination.

What makes a person a good public speaker?

A public speaker who exudes confidence is viewed as being more confident, accurate, knowledgeable, intelligent and likable than a speaker who is less confident of what they are saying. It’s natural to be nervous, but to excel in public speaking, you have to overcome your nervous jitters.

What makes a bad public speaker?

Lack of pauses. Many speakers have the bad habit of rushing through their content. Like a runaway train, they speed down the track out of control unable to stop and turn at critical junctures. The causes are often anxiety, adrenalin, or time constraints, Price says.

Is a good public speaker born or made?

Great public speakers aren’t just born that way, they work at it. While natural talent and confidence can play a big part, so much more goes into being a great public speaker. While it’s true that not everyone is a natural public speaker, at Rule the Room, we believe natural public speakers can be made.

How do I gain confidence in public speaking?


  1. Draw on positive past speaking experiences.
  2. Watch yourself on camera and write down the things you like.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others, learn what you can and move on.
  4. Back yourself with your words.
  5. Confidence and arrogance are different – don’t fear being confident.
  6. Practice.