What is beautiful girl in Germany?

What is beautiful girl in Germany?

English to German: more detail… beautiful girl: Schnuckelchen; schönes Mädchen.

What do you call a girl in French?

The word for girl in French is fille.

What is Tu es tres belle?

Tu es très belle is a french technically which translates as “you are very beautiful” which you really are.

What does tres mean?

Très is a French word that is defined as very and is sometimes combined with an English word to show humor. An example of très is saying that a café au lait is very tasty.

What’s Poco Loco mean?

little crazy

What is the reply of Je T Aime?

This is an answer in response to je t’aime (I love you). Aussi, means too, also, as well. Je t’aime aussi means:I love you too., I love you also., I love you as well.

How do you pronounce Je t?


  1. IPA: /ʒə t‿ɛm/
  2. Audio (je t’aime) (file)

What is the accent mark called?


What do the French accents mean?

French uses accents on certain vowels for various reasons, and emphasis has nothing to do with it. An accent can change the sound of a vowel or help distinguish between two different words that would otherwise be spelled the same, like sur (on) and sûr (certain).

What is î in French?

Î is a letter which appears in several French words, like naître (to be born), abîme (abyss), maître (master), (crème) fraîche and more. The circumflex usually denotes the exclusion of a letter (usually an s) that was in a prior version of the word: voster became vôtre.

Why is there no K in Welsh?

The disuse of this letter is at least partly due to the publication of William Salesbury’s Welsh New Testament and William Morgan’s Welsh Bible, whose English printers, with type letter frequencies set for English and Latin, did not have enough k letters in their type cases to spell every /k/ sound as k, so the order …

What is beautiful girl in Germany?

What is beautiful girl in Germany?

English to German: more detail… beautiful girl: Schnuckelchen; schönes Mädchen.

What is Karen in German?

The German Karen? Her name is Wiebke – EXBERLINER.com.

Can I say Watashi wa name?

It is during this time that one can say, “Watashi wa (name) desu. (私は (name) です。)” This translates to, “My name is (name).” after which, one can proceed to provide other information about one’s self. To tell someone where one is from, one can say, “(Place) kara kimashita.

What is Boku no mean?

Boku means “me” or “I.” No is a particle indicating possession or relative connection. Therefore, boku-no simply means “my.”

What is the difference between Watashi wa and Watashi no?

“Watashi mo” basically means “me too”, while “watashi no” is literally “me’s”, or more understandably, “my”. “No” basically fulfills the function of an apostrophe-s (‘s) for the word before it, in the same way that “ka” acts as a question mark. watashi mo means me too.

Can a girl say Boku?

We use boku as a first person singular pronoun, and as all other posts recognize, it’s common for men, uncommon, very marked, and possibly taken as a mistake when used by women.

What is Suki desu?

When the Japanese do put their feelings into words, they’re more likely to use the phrase “suki desu” (好きです), which literally means “to like.”

Is Suki like or love?

Ironically, it doesn’t always mean love, because suki can also mean “like.” For example, if you like ramen, you’d say “Ramen ga suki desu,” and no one would think you’re actually in love with ramen in a romantic sense. You can also use it to talk about people you like, such as your favorite actor or musician.

Is Suki romantic?

The rather goofy gif above emphasizes two things at once: First, that not only can suki have romantic connotations, but it is in fact part of the most classic stock phrase for confessing romantic feelings; and second, that the English “like” can also have a clearly romantic meaning in the right context — in this case.

Does Suki mean moon?

Re: Suki name meaning in Japanese? Tsuki 月 also means moon (in fact, you can see the connection between moon and month). It doesn’t really mean ‘love’, it’s more ‘to like’ even though it’s not a verb on its own.

What is Suki short for?

Sookie, also written ‘Sukey’ or ‘Suki’, is a variant of the name Susan or Susannah, from Hebrew שׁוֹשַׁנָּה (Shoshána) meaning “rose” or “lily.” Most famously, the name occurs in the English nursery rhyme “Polly Put the Kettle On.”

What is the Japanese name for Moon?


What does Yuna mean?


What Yuri means?

What is the meaning of the name Yuri? The name Yuri is primarily a male name of Russian origin that means Farmer. A form of the name George. Yuri Gagarin, cosmonaut. Also a Japanese name meaning Reason, Lily, Village.

Why is Yuna called Hussey?

As Yuna launched into her explanation that her English name “Hussey” was chosen because of her love for the actress Olivia Hussey who portrayed Juliet in the 1968 “Romeo & Juliet” film with all the full sass and confidence of the one and only Yuna…

How old is ryujin ITZY?

20 years (17 April 2001)