What is consternation mean?

What is consternation mean?

: amazement or dismay that hinders or throws into confusion the two …

Which is the closest synonym for the word consternation?

other words for consternation

  • alarm.
  • anxiety.
  • bewilderment.
  • confusion.
  • dread.
  • fright.
  • terror.
  • trepidation.

Is Concernation a word?

con•ster•na•tion (kon′stər nā′shən), n. a sudden, alarming amazement or dread that results in utter confusion; dismay.

Which is appropriate extended definition of the word consternation?

a feeling of worry, shock, or confusion: The prospect of so much work filled him with consternation. To his consternation, when he got to the airport he found he’d forgotten his passport. Synonyms. alarm (WORRY)

What does consternation mean in the Bible?

(kŏn′stər-nā′shən) A state of great alarm, agitation, or dismay.

How do you use the word consternation?

Consternation in a Sentence ?

  1. I sleep in consternation not knowing where my keys are.
  2. Full of consternation at first, the boy now thinks he aced the pop quiz.
  3. Discovering a water bug crawling on the ceiling left me in consternation for hours.

What is an example of consternation?

Filters. The definition of consternation means fear that makes you feel helpless. An example of consternation is what your neighbors might have if you get several large barking dogs.

Where does the word zeal come from?

“passionate ardor in pursuit of an objective or course of action,” late 14c., from Old French zel (Modern French zèle) and directly from Late Latin zelus “zeal, emulation” (source also of Italian zelo, Spanish celo), a Church word, from Greek zēlos “ardor, eager rivalry, emulation,” “a noble passion” [Liddell & Scott].

Is zeal Latin or Greek?

(Greek > Latin: ardor, fervor; jealousy, jealous) Etymologically, jealousy and zeal came from the same source. Both originally came from Greek zelos. This passed into post-classical Latin as zelus, which later produced the adjective zelosus. Old French incorporated this as gelos or jelous and passed it on to English.

When was the word jealous first used?

13th century

How do I get zeal for Ymir?

with all religions, you make that religion’s tool and then use said tool to harvest humans which will give you mat that is used to craft other things at the alter which will produce the zeal. It takes like a lot of shards for Ymir.