What is corroborated mean?

What is corroborated mean?

transitive verb. : to support with evidence or authority : make more certain.

How do you corroborate a story?

To corroborate is to back someone else’s story. If you swear to your teacher that you didn’t throw the spitball, and your friends corroborate your story by promising that you were concentrating on math homework, she might actually believe you.

How do you use corroborate?

Corroborate in a Sentence ?

  1. I prayed my friend would corroborate the lie I told my parents!
  2. The chocolate on James’ face was enough to corroborate the theory he was the one who stole the brownies.
  3. Even though she knew her husband was lying, Meredith still agreed to corroborate his story in court.
  4. Dr.

What does contextualizing mean?

transitive verb. : to place (something, such as a word or activity) in a context When the rebellion is historically contextualized, it becomes clear that there were many factors that contributed to it.

What does it mean to corroborate sources?

Corroboration is the ability to compare information provided by two separate sources and find similarities between them. Finding corroboration between sources strengthens your conclusions, especially when you are making a historical argument.

What is the meaning of cursory?

: rapidly and often superficially performed or produced : hasty a cursory glance Only a cursory inspection of the building’s electrical wiring was done.

What is the first thing a forensic investigator should do in mobile phone investigations?

2.3 Examination & Analysis As the first step of every digital investigation involving a mobile device(s), the forensic expert needs to identify: Type of the mobile device(s) – e.g., GPS, smartphone, tablet, etc.

What are the main concerns when collecting evidence?

evidence cannot stand on its own. Documentary evidence must be authenticated. Much of the evidence you are likely to use in proving a case will be in files, such as log files, database files, and incident-specific files and reports, that provide information indicating what occurred.