What is Domingos?

What is Domingos?

noun. day of the week. Sunday; → domingo; proper noun.

What is Dormingo?

Days of the week. Sunday, the first day of the week called Domingo, in Spanish and Portuguese.

What is the plural of Flor in Spanish?

plural of flor. flores [f/pl]

Is Los sabados plural?

You only add s to make a day of the week plural if it doesn’t already end in s. Sometimes, you need to talk about days of the week in the plural, like in the previous example (todos los sábados). So, the plural forms of the days are: los lunes.

What is the Spanish word for the number 55?

The list of Spanish numbers 1-100

# English Spanish
53 fifty-three cincuenta y tres
54 fifty-four cincuenta y cuatro
55 fifty-five cincuenta y cinco
56 fifty-six cincuenta y seis

What is the plural of libro?

The plural form of nouns terminating in vowels is obtained by adding an -s to the end. SINGULAR. PLURAL. libro (book) libros (books)

What is the plural of mochila?

Noun. mochila (plural mochilas)

What is the plural of la pantalla?

plural of pantalla. pantallas [f/pl]

What is the plural of El Dedo?

plural of dedo. dedos [m/pl]

What is the plural of Sacapuntas?

In Spanish we add -es to make a word plural if it ends in a consonant. El sacapuntas is singular los sacapuntas is plural! – AMARTI466, Apr 22, 2016.

What is the plural of casa?

For example, “casa” (“house”) is a singular noun, while “casas” (“houses”) is a plural noun.

What is the plural of perro?

Therefore, the plural of perro is perros. (Did you remember that perro means dog? Now perros means dogs.)

What is the plural of Lunes?

lunes m (plural lunes) Monday.

What is the plural of Viernes?

viernes viernes Noun Singular Plural Femenino Masculino.

What is the plural of Lapiz in Spanish?

Noun. lápiz m (plural lápices)

What is the plural form of el viernes?

viernes Friday
plural plural pluralistic

Is jueves plural or singular?

Exceptional Exceptions

Singular Plural
el análisis los análisis
el jueves los jueves
el tórax los tórax