What is Double Z-plasty procedure?

What is Double Z-plasty procedure?

Z-plasty is one of the most widely employed techniques in plastic surgery and mainly serves the following purposes: elongation along the axis of the scar, dispersal of the scar followed by breaking up the straight-line scar and realigning the scar within the lines of minimal tension.

How long does it take for AZ plasty to heal?

Initial recovery will take 1-2 weeks while the scar will continue to heal over the course of several months to 1 year.

What type of flap is Z-plasty?

The fundamental unit of a Z-plasty is a triangular double transposition flap. However, as with most lifting flaps, there are also elements of rotation and advancement. In a classic Z-plasty three incisions of equal length create two equilateral triangular flaps (see Figures 1(b) and 1(c)).

What type of flap is a four flap Z-plasty?

Four Flap Z-plasty or Limber Flap – Two additional limbs allow considerable gain in length and useful in severe scar contractures limiting movement example anterior or lateral neck. Compound Z-plasty – Linking several Z-plasties in series, used in exceptionally large scar.

What is a neck z-plasty?

Named after a vertical Z-shaped incision made along the neck, the Z-Plasty involves a surgical incision made underneath the chin to remove the fat. The lax platysma muscle is then bound with sutures. A Z-Plasty neck lift removes the excess skin and fat from the front of the neck closing the scar in a “Z” pattern.

What is the Fenton procedure?

A Fentons procedure is performed to remove scar tissue or an area of tightness around the entrance to the vagina. The area is re-shaped by trimming and stitching the affected area under either a general or local anesthetic.

Is scar revision painful?

What will happen after scar revision surgery? You may have swelling, bruising, skin color changes, pain, or discomfort in the surgery area. These may last for 1 to 2 weeks after your surgery. You may not see improvement in the look of your scar for some time.

Do scars get thinner?

Scars shrink and become less noticeable as they age. You may be able to wait to have surgery until the scar lightens in color. This can be several months or even a year after the wound has healed. For some scars, it is best to have revision surgery 60 to 90 days after the scar matures.

How do you make az plasty?

It is important to design the Z-plasty prior to the injection of the local anesthetic as this will distort the tissue. These should be drawn with angles at 60 degrees to the linear scar, resembling the letter Z. The arms should be equal in length with the same angle measure.

When is Z-plasty used?

Z-plasty is a plastic surgery technique that is used to improve the functional and cosmetic appearance of scars. With this technique, it is possible to redirect a scar into better alignment with a natural skin fold or the lines of least skin tension. Contracted scars may be lengthened with this technique.

What is a neck Z-plasty?

How long is the recovery time for a direct neck lift?

Most patients experience two to four weeks of recovery time following a direct neck lift. Swelling, bruising, and soreness usually resolve over the first few weeks. Sutures are removed after one week.

How is Z plasty used in plastic surgery?

Z-plasty is a plastic surgery technique used to improve the functional and cosmetic appearance of scars. It involves the creation of two triangular flaps of equal dimension that are then transposed.1. For a basic z-plasty, the triangular flaps are created using an angle of 60 degrees (Figures 1a through 1e).

How is the length of the Z-plasty determined?

The length of each of the lateral limbs of the z-plasty must be precisely equal to the central incision over the original scar, or puckering at the corners will result, and additional undermining and trimming of the flaps will be necessary to obtain proper closure.

What’s the best angle for a Z plasty?

Although angles between 30 and 90 degrees are possible, the 60-degree Z-plasty is most common. A 60-degree Z-plasty will yield a 75% increase in scar length and a 90-degree change in scar direction.

How long should Z-plasty be on the neck?

On the face, limb length is usually limited to 1 cm or less. On the neck, limb length should not exceed 2 cm. FIGURE 14-3 Length gained in contracted scar relative to length of Z-plasty limbs.