What is Latin for golf?

What is Latin for golf?

The verb ‘to golf’ is recorded in dictionaries in the 18th century onwards. In 1636, David Wedderburn, a Latin master in Aberdeen, used the word ‘Baculus’, which is Latin for ‘club’ as the title for his ‘Vocabula’, listing Latin terms for golf, which supports this derivation.

How do you say golf course in Japanese?

“golf course” in Japanese

  1. グルフコース
  2. ゴルフ場

What does CART mean in Latin?

cart. More Latin words for cart. plaustrum noun. wagon, wain, waggon, charles’s wain constellation.

How do you say sport in Latin?

Please rate the definition of “sport” which is the most useful for you….sport.

English Latin
sport ludus

How do you say active in Latin?

Description of Form Latin Form
present imperative active cane! canite!
present indicative active canit
future indicative active canet
imperfect indicative active canebat

What are the Greek sports?

10 Sports That Were Born in Ancient Greece

  • Pentathlon. Pentathlon is a word of Greek origin formed by combining two words, pente (five) and athlon (competition).
  • Running. Running is an old sport that does not include contact.
  • Jumping.
  • Discus Throw.
  • Wrestling.
  • Boxing.
  • Pankration.
  • Equestrian Events.

What is Greeces most popular sport?


What country is represented by a dragon?


Which country is rich in wildlife?

Brazil is the Earth’s biodiversity champion. Between the Amazon rainforest and Mata Atlantica forest, the woody savana-like cerrado, the massive inland swamp known as the Pantanal, and a range of other terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, Brazil leads the world in plant and amphibian species counts.

Where is the best wildlife in the world?

The Best Wildlife Destinations in the World

  • Seychelles. The Seychelles Islands are some of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever seen.
  • Galapagos Islands. With 18 main islands, the Galapagos Islands are a haven for some of the world’s most endangered animals.
  • Kenya.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Indonesia.
  • South Africa.
  • Mozambique.
  • Maldives.

Which country has most birds?


In which country there is no birds?


What is the world’s rarest bird?

The rarest bird in the world – a species of duck called the Madagascar pochard – has been given a new home in time for the new year. An international team of researchers released 21 of the birds at a lake in the north of Madagascar.

What is the smartest bird in the world?

Parrots and the corvid family of crows, ravens, and jays are considered the most intelligent of birds. Research has shown that these species tend to have the largest high vocal centers.