What is mean by Meraki?

What is mean by Meraki?

Definition: may·rah·kee (pronounced: may-rah-kee); Greek; adjective. 1. To do something with soul, creativity, or love. 2. To put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing.

What is another word for creativity?

What is another word for creative?

imaginative innovative
visionary ingenious
inventive artistic
inspired originative
innovational original

How do you describe creativity?

Definition of creative

  1. marked by the ability or power to create : given to creating the creative impulse a creative genius.
  2. having the quality of something created rather than imitated : imaginative the creative arts creative writing.

What are the traits of a creative person?

7 Common Traits Of Highly Creative People

  • They make creativity a ritual.
  • They don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • They’re curious about everything.
  • They can live with discomfort for longer.
  • They’re good at switching off from work.
  • They’re interested in people.
  • They can get excited about anything.

What describes a creative person?

Creative people like to daydream and imagine the possibilities and wonders of the world. They can immerse themselves in imagination and fantasy, yet remain grounded enough to turn their daydreams into reality. They are often described as dreamers, but that doesn’t mean that they live with their heads in the clouds.

What is creativity and its importance?

Creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation. Creativity opens the mind. A society that has lost touch with its creative side is an imprisoned society, in that generations of people may be closed minded. It broadens our perspectives and can help us overcome prejudices.

What is the cutest word ever?

What’s The Cutest Word In The World?

  • snuggle.
  • pipsqueak.
  • mommy.
  • jubilee.
  • giggle.
  • tinkle.
  • tummy.
  • pink.

What is the most positive word of 2020?

I have collected 366 positive words — one for every day of 2020….I hope each word represents a small step towards creating a more positive approach life in the new year — and the new decade.

  • Harmony.
  • Insightful.
  • Optimal.
  • Perceptive.
  • Adept.
  • Intention.