What is Okonkwo problem with Unoka?

What is Okonkwo problem with Unoka?

Lesson Summary The novel follows Okonkwo, an Igbo leader who has severe problems with his father and struggles to hold onto the changing customs of his village. Unoka was lazy, feared fighting and blood, and was a poor provider for his family.

What is the relationship between Okonkwo and his father?

The relationship between Okonkwo and Unoka. In “Things Fall Apart”, many father and son relationships exist. The most notable one is the Okonkwo has with his father Unoku. Their relationship is a very strained in which Okonkwo grows up hating his father and consciously adopts opposite ideals.

What do Okonkwo’s reactions in Chapter Eight to ikemefuna’s death reveal about him?

Chapter 8- How does Okonkwo react to Ikemefuna’s death? He’s super upset about Ikemefuna’s death, stays in his hut for 2 days only drinking palm wine. Feels extra-super guilty because he had a hand in Ikemefuna’s death.

What do you see as Okonkwo’s strengths and weaknesses and how do you explain his change in fortune?

He is hard-working and motivated (unlike his lazy, weak father), and he becomes a wealthy leader in the Ibo tribe. However, living up to his manly reputation becomes Okonkwo’s greatest weakness, as he takes out his hatred for his father on his son Nwoye, whom he suspects of being weak.

What is Okonkwo afraid of?

Okonkwo’s tragic flaw is his fear of weakness and failure.

What kind of person is Unoka?

Unoka is Okonkwo’s father. Though he is a talented musician, he is lazy and irresponsible, falling into debt and bringing shame upon his family. Unoka’s bad reputation in Umuofia haunts Okonkwo throughout the novel.

Why is sharecropping a slow way to build up a barn?

Sharecropping is a slow way to build up a barn because the farmer only reaps a third of the harvest for himself.

Who is Nwakibie How does the reader know that he is successful?

How does the reader know that his is successful? Nwakibie is the person that Okonkwo sees for a share-cropping deal. He’s successful because he has 9 wives and 30 children. He is the highest in the clan.

Why is Unoka left to die in the evil forest?

Summary: Chapter 3 Ill-fated, Unoka died of a shameful illness, “swelling which was an abomination to the earth goddess.” Those suffering from swelling stomachs and limbs are left in the Evil Forest to die so that they do not offend the earth by being buried.

What does Nwakibie mean when he says you will have what is good for you and I will have what is good for me let the kite perch and let the eagle perch too?

Nwakibie means that both he and Okonkwo are entitled to live well. If either of them denies the other prosperity, he should suffer. 4. The proverb means that a person does not run away from something without a reason.

What did Okonkwo do that was bad during NSO Ani?

Okonkwo’s Three Deadly Nso-Ani in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart Then later in the story Okonkwo accidentally murders a fellow clansman. This is an offense against Ani because as the goddess of the Earth it is her decision when people should die, not the choice of man.

Why is Nwakibie considered a successful man?

Why is Nwakibie considered a successful man in Igbo society? Nwakibie has earned all but one title in Umuofia. He owns three huge barns, and he has nine wives and 30 children.

What does Unoka do with his money?

What does Unoka do with his money? Unoka buys gourds of palm wine and drinks with his neighbors.

Why do Okonkwo’s enemies call him the Little Bird Nza?

Okonkwo’s enemies called him the little bird nza because nza forgot who he was after a heavy meal and challenged his chi. Likewise, Okonkwo challenged the gods by violating the Peace of Ani.

Why does Okoye go to Unoka?

Why does Okoye come to visit Unoka? He comes to collect the cowries he loaned Unoka.