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What is the antonym for decision?

What is the antonym for decision?

What is the opposite of decision?

indecision irresolution
indecisiveness fence-sitting
swithering lack of resolution
vacillation hesitation
question weakness

What type of noun is decision?

1[countable] decision (on/about something) decision (to do something) a choice or judgment that you make after thinking and talking about what is the best thing to do to make a decision (= to decide) We need a decision on this by next week.

How do you say good decision?

Synonyms for Good decision

  1. right decision. n.
  2. good call. n.
  3. good choice. n.
  4. right call. n.
  5. correct decision. n.
  6. right choice. n.
  7. sound decision. n.
  8. proper decision. n.

What is another word for bad decisions?

What is another word for poor decision-making?

poor choice bad choice
miscalculation misjudgement
misjudgment misstep
mistake poor decision
blooper blunder

What is indicator and its types?

Indicator Range

Indicator Colour
Methyl Orange red yellow
Bromocresol Green yellow blue
Methyl Red yellow red
Bromothymol Blue yellow blue

What are indicators in simple words?

Indicators are substances whose solutions change color due to changes in pH. They are usually weak acids or bases, but their conjugate base or acid forms have different colors due to differences in their absorption spectra.

What are indicators explain with example?

Chemical indicator, any substance that gives a visible sign, usually by a colour change, of the presence or absence of a threshold concentration of a chemical species, such as an acid or an alkali in a solution. An example is the substance called methyl yellow, which imparts a yellow colour to an alkaline solution.

How do you use indicators?

You use your indicators to show an intended change of direction, whether turning left or right or moving out into traffic. You only need to use your indicators if other road users (vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians) are visible.

How do you identify a trending market?

A way to determine if the market is trending is through the use of the Average Directional Index indicator or ADX for short. Developed by J. Welles Wilder, this indicator uses values ranging from 0-100 to determine if the price is moving strongly in one direction, i.e. trending, or simply ranging.

How do day traders use ADX?

The Best ADX Strategy

  1. Step #1: Wait for the ADX indicator to show a reading above 25.
  2. Step #2: Use the last 50 candlesticks to determine the trend.
  3. Step #3: Sell when the RSI indicator breaks and show a reading below 30.
  4. Step #4: Protective Stop Loss should be placed at the last ADX high.

Is ADX a good indicator?

ADX values help traders identify the strongest and most profitable trends to trade. The values are also important for distinguishing between trending and non-trending conditions. Many traders will use ADX readings above 25 to suggest that the trend is strong enough for trend-trading strategies.