What is the antonym of being?

What is the antonym of being?

What is the opposite of being?

absence nonappearance
leave nonexistence
absenteeism nonattendance
non-appearance non-attendance
no show staying away

What is the synonyms of being?

What is another word for being?

soul substance
presence psyche
quintessence stuff
creature kernel
organism pneuma

What is the synonym and antonym of being?

Synonyms. existing possibleness preexistence eternity presence transcendency beingness possibility actuality state existent timeless existence life existence coexistence transcendence nonexistent timelessness animation living subsistence aliveness. Antonyms. nonexistent existent nonbeing nonexistence impossibility …

What is the opposite word of be?

What is the opposite of be?

be the opposite of be contrary to
contrast with be counter to
be the antithesis of be the inverse of
be on the flip side of

What is a reciprocal of 3 7?

the reciprocal of 3/7 is 7/3.

What is a reciprocal of 1 3?

The reciprocal of 1/3 can be found by flipping 1/3rd over so that the denominator is now the numerator. That means that the reciprocal of 1/3 is 3/1….

What is the opposite reciprocal of 3?

(This is sometimes called the property of reciprocals .) so the reciprocal of 3 is 13 (and the reciprocal of 13 is 3 .) so −4779 and −7794 are reciprocals. Note that zero has no reciprocal .

Is the multiplicative inverse of 3?

3 * 1/3 = 1. Thus the multiplicative inverse of 3 is 1/3.

What is the inverse of 2 3?

The multiplicative inverse of -2/3 is -3/2.

What is the multiplicative inverse of 5 11?

Answer. Answer: The multiplicate inverse of -5/11 is -11/5.