What is the author saying about motherhood in I stand here ironing?

What is the author saying about motherhood in I stand here ironing?

In “I Stand Here Ironing,” Olsen suggests that the role of selfless mother that society expects women to embrace is actually an obstacle to any kind of successful self-discovery. Rather than help women achieve self-actualization, motherhood actually strands women in lives laden with toil and excessive responsibility.

What is the plot of I stand here ironing?

After changing her son Ronnie’s diaper, the narrator goes back to her ironing and continues her musings. During World War II, Emily helps her mother care for a growing household and has trouble keeping up with her studies. Emily’s life changes when she puts on a comedy act for a high school talent show.

Why did Emily’s father leave in I stand here ironing?

The narrator states that she breast-fed Emily, then questions why she cites that fact first in pleading her case to the unnamed “you.” When Emily was eight months old, the narrator was forced to leave her in the care of a neighbor. Emily’s father had left unexpectedly, unable to bear the family’s poverty.

What is the WPA in To Kill a Mockingbird?

W.P.A or Works Progress Administrated was the largest program in America that employed thousands of people to carry out public works projects. In this context W.P.A means that Mr Cunningham was willing to go hungry, to keep his land in good condition and vote than to try and get a job. …

What is the WPA and why won’t Mr Cunningham?

Cunningham doesn’t want to work for the WPA for two reasons. First, he doesn’t want his land to go to waste (because he wouldn’t be able to work on it). Second, he doesn’t want to have to suck up to someone to get the job. He was trying for the first time to be a part of Maycomb county.

How is Scout’s View Point Limited?

The use of a child narrator enables the reader to see the action through fresh eyes, but Scout’s age also limits the narrative, especially in its treatment of race. While she understands Tom’s conviction is unfair, Scout accepts much of the institutionalized racism of the town.

Why is To Kill a Mockingbird told from Scout’s point of view?

Her youth, her innocence, acute sense of justice and naïve point of view, these are all the reasons why Scout is the narrator of the novel. She is just an innocent child when the story begins, yet we get to see her grow up and see how everything that happens around her makes her change and grow up.