What is the basic plot of the frame story in The Celebrated Jumping Frog?

What is the basic plot of the frame story in The Celebrated Jumping Frog?

The inciting incident, the conflict, in the plot is Jim Smiley making a bet with his “celebrated jumping frog.” The rising action creates suspense for the reader when the challenger fills the frog with buckshot (little metal balls) in order to keep the frog from jumping.

How do you write a story with multiple main characters?

How to Successfully Feature Multiple Main Characters

  1. Think Reader-First. You want nothing to stand in the way of the reader’s experience.
  2. Make Your POV Characters Distinct. In subsequent books in the Left Behind series, I used as many as five different perspective characters for one novel.
  3. Choose Carefully.

Can you have two protagonists in a story?

Writing a story with multiple main characters or protagonists is possible, but it will not be easy. Carefully think through your story idea and whether you might tell it in a simpler format. There’s a reason there are so many books with only one protagonist.

What is the main idea of The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?

Mark Twain’s story shows that the people in the story are deceitful and lie in order to get what they want. The distinction between honest cleverness and dishonest cleverness is another theme. Jim Smiley is clever in how he fools others with the animals he uses while betting.

What is the tone of The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?

Tone: The narrator telling us his story is annoyed that he’s having his time wasted this way and disbelieving in what he’s been told, but Simon has a tone of serene admiration in his retelling. Point of View: It is a first person narrator retelling a story told to him in third person.

Why would the stranger fill the frog with quail shot?

The stranger does not have a frog, so Smiley goes off to the swamp to procure another and, while he is gone, the stranger feeds Dan’l Webster some “quail shot” to make him heavier and, therefore, unable to jump high.

How does the use of dialect in The Notorious Jumping Frog?

The use of authentic dialogue sums up the story and helps differentiate the characters. When Twain speaks, he uses excellence, grammatical English. When Simon Wheeler speaks, he uses the common dialect of the West. The dialect captures the local color and makes the characters more interesting and seem more amusing.

What are some similarities between Smiley and the narrator?

Though the narrator and Jim Smiley are polar opposites, they both have just one similarity and that is, they do not show their true feelings easily. Both of them tend to mislead others but never to cheat, they do it so that they are not cheated.

What is the world record Frog Jump?

21′ 5 3/4”

What is the world record for the longest frog jump?

1.21 m

How far can bullfrogs jump?

about 1 meter

How does a frog breathe?

Frog Respiration. The frog has three respiratory surfaces on its body that it uses to exchange gas with the surroundings: the skin, in the lungs and on the lining of the mouth. A frog may also breathe much like a human, by taking air in through their nostrils and down into their lungs.

How do you make a frog jump?

Insert your fingers into the inside of the flaps, and pull the bottom corners outward to the sides, so that the bottom edge comes up to touch the bottom of the “legs.” Fold the corners down so they meet at the bottom of the figure. Fold the bottom corners outward to form the “back legs” of the frog.

How do you make a frog in little alchemy?

How to make frog in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. animal + pond.
  2. animal + puddle.
  3. egg + pond.
  4. egg + puddle.

How do you make a paper frog easy?

Keep the frog folded in half, with the back legs facing you, and turn it over. Fold the legs upward, so that the horizontal piece of paper that stretches between the legs lines up with the frog’s bottom (the fold you made in the previous step). Crease the fold. Make your frog jump.