What is the best Scrabble word?

What is the best Scrabble word?

And though no one’s managed to use it yet, the theoretical highest-scoring Scrabble word out there is OXYPHENBUTAZONE. Ohioan Dan Stock found the word, which is worth a wild 1,458 points. And if a player was able to add some specific hooked words to the theoretical board, they could score up to 1,778 points.

What’s the highest Scrabble word?


Is QA a Scrabble word?

No, qa is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does QO mean?

Acronym Definition
QO Quality Office
QO Quasi-Optical
QO Quadripartite Objective
QO Qualified Occupancy (housing)

Do any words begin with QO?

6-letter words that start with qo

  • qolity.
  • qolian.
  • qottab.
  • qosmio.
  • qorveh.
  • qosrrp.
  • qostbc.
  • qolrad.

Are there any words that start with QA?

6-letter words that start with qa

  • qabala.
  • qanats.
  • qantas.
  • qatari.
  • qazvin.
  • qaryah.
  • qasida.
  • qantar.

What words have Qu in them?

Words That Contain QU

  • aqua.
  • quad.
  • quag.
  • quai.
  • quay.
  • quey.
  • quid.
  • quin.

What words end in Qu?

5-letter words that end in qu

  • shequ.
  • marqu.
  • sanqu.
  • saiqu.
  • kunqu.
  • gorqu.
  • borqu.

What is a QO breaker?

A QO breaker is plug on mounting, and can be used in QO load centers, old NQO and NQOD panelboards, and current NQ panelboards. A QOB breaker uses a bolt-on connection to the bus, and can be used in old NQOB and NQOD panelboards, and current NQ panelboards. Otherwise the breakers are the same.

What is a QO load center?

QO Plug-on Neutral Load Centers and CAFI Circuit Breakers are engineered for a quick Plug-on Neutral connection on every circuit. Designed for reliability, the QO Plug-on Neutral CAFI Circuit Breakers connect directly to the neutral bar, providing a time- and labor-saving installation.

What does QO mean on a circuit breaker?


Which is better QO or Homeline?

no reason not to go with the Homeline breakers, they are fine for residential use. There’s a reason for that price difference – the QO is a better quality panel. The HO is an adequate panel, but I chose the QO. The HO panel has aluminum buss bars, the QO has tinned copper bars.

How do I know what type of breaker I have?

Circuit breakers have markings stamped on the side of them and are usually located inside the panel cover door. There is a label that will tell you what type of breaker is needed for installation in that particular panel.

What brands of circuit breakers are interchangeable?

UL Classified breakers are designed and tested to be both mechanically and electri- cally interchangeable with circuit breakers manufactured by General Electric, Thomas & Betts, ITE/Siemens, Murray, Crouse-Hinds, and Square D.

Are Cutler Hammer and Siemens breakers interchangeable?

Brand: Always install the correct brand of breakers in your breaker panel. While some breakers are interchangeable, many are not, even if they look the same. The Cutler-Hammer “CL” breakers are classified for use in a Siemens panel.

Are all breakers universal?

The circuit load will determine the breaker size you need – and you’ll need to make sure to get the right brand, as all breakers are not interchangeable. Brand: Always install the correct brand of breakers in your breaker panel. While some breakers are interchangeable, many are not, even if they look the same.

Is Eaton and Cutler Hammer the same?

The Cutler-Hammer name and logo remain registered trademarks of Eaton Corporation. It’s the power of uniting some of the world’s most respected names brought together as One Eaton, to build a single brand you can trust to meet every power management need.

What breaker is compatible with Cutler Hammer?

While you now know that Eaton breakers, Westinghouse breakers, Square D breakers, and Cutler-Hammer breakers are largely compatible, you still need to find the exact models you need for your facility.

Will Eaton breaker panels work Cutler Hammer?

Cutler-Hammer and the Eaton family of products are the same and compatible. Parts number have not changed, just the Eaton name has been placed on the product.

What is Cutler Hammer breaker?

Cutler Hammer breakers detect when a fault condition exists and automatically interrupts the continuity of the electrical circuit immediately stopping the flow of electrical current. …

Are Cutler Hammer panels safe?

Challenger (Eaton/Cutler Hammer) The problem with these panels lies in particular 15- and 20- ampere circuit breakers manufactured between February and April of 1988. Expansion and contraction from overheating leads to arcing, damaging both the breaker and bus bar.

Where are Cutler Hammer breakers made?