What is the Brachium pontis?

What is the Brachium pontis?

The middle cerebellar peduncles, also known as the brachium pontis, are paired structures connecting the cerebellum to the pons.

What does the inferior cerebellar peduncle do?

Function. The inferior cerebellar peduncle carries many types of input and output fibers that are mainly concerned with integrating proprioceptive sensory input with motor vestibular functions such as balance and posture maintenance.

What is the vermis of the cerebellum?

The vermis is the unpaired, median portion of the cerebellum that connects the two hemispheres. Both the vermis and the hemispheres are composed of lobules formed by groups of folia.

What is the inferior olive?

The inferior olivary nucleus (ION), is a structure found in the medulla oblongata underneath the superior olivary nucleus. In vertebrates, the ION is known to coordinate signals from the spinal cord to the cerebellum to regulate motor coordination and learning.

What tracts are in the inferior cerebellar peduncle?

The inferior cerebellar peduncle contains four afferent tracts (posterior spinocerebellar, vestibulocerebellar, olivocerebellar and reticulocerebellar) and one efferent tract (the cerebellovestibular tract). The middle cerebellar peduncle is the largest and contains only afferent fibres from the pontine nucleus.

What is a peduncle in the brain?

The cerebral peduncles are the anterior part of the midbrain that connects the remainder of the brainstem to the thalami. They are paired, separated by the interpeduncular cistern, and contain the large white matter tracts that run to and from the cerebrum.

What is the definition for vermis?

: the constricted median lobe of the cerebellum that connects the two lateral lobes.

Where is the vermis of cerebellum?

midline of the cerebellum; it separates the cerebellum into two cerebellar hemispheres. The vermis is thought to be associated with the ability to maintain upright posture. The vermis is the tan region above.

What does the Olivospinal tract do?

This tract carries proprioception information from muscles and tendons as well as cutaneous impulses to the olivary bodies. The olivary bodies known also as the olives, are located in the medulla oblongata in the brainstem….

Spino-olivary tract
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What is Olivocerebellar?

The olivocerebellar tract, also known as olivocerebellar fibers, are neural fibers which originate at the olivary nucleus and pass out through the hilum and decussate with those from the opposite olive in the raphe nucleus, then as internal arcuate fibers they pass partly through and partly around the opposite olive …

Where is the inferior cerebellum?

The upper part of the posterior district of the medulla oblongata is occupied by the inferior cerebellar peduncle (restiform body), a thick rope-like strand situated between the lower part of the fourth ventricle and the roots of the glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves.