What is the central idea of the cold equation?

What is the central idea of the cold equation?

The main theme of “The Cold Equations” is about sacrifice. One person, although a young, pretty teen who has seen very little of life yet, has to be sacrificed for the good of others. Along with the pilot of the EDS, seven other people would die if she remained. Her life was just one life.

What is the plot of the cold equations?

Renowned and prolific science fiction writer Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations” takes place aboard a cargo spaceship bound for a far-off planet in need of medical supplies. The ship’s pilot finds himself – and his ship – in an unexpected predicament when he discovers a stowaway on board.

Is the pilot in the cold equations good or bad?

Answer Expert Verified I would say the pilot’s actions are “good”. In fact, the tougher the decision he has to make, the “better” his action is. He has a mission which is greater than a single life, even if it is the life of an innocent girl who sneaked in on the ship to see her brother.

Is the pilot likely to succeed in the cold equations?

In the story, “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin, Barton the pilot wanted to save Marilyn, the 18 year old girl who was considered an EDS stowaway. He most likely will not succeed because the mission he was carrying out would fail and ultimately kill a lot of people.

Who was the antagonist in the cold equations?

Message: I believe Marilyn; the antagonist is not always the bad guy, but the person who causes all of the problems. Marilyn stowed away on the EDS, causing problems for herself, the EDS pilot, the head commander, and records, as well as her family.

What genre best describes the cold equations?

science fiction short story

How old is Marilyn in the cold equations?


What does EDS stand for in the cold equations?

Emergency Dispatch Ship

What year does the cold equations take place?

Thus Godwin very quickly establishes the setting in a future time where science and technology have developed so rapidly that space travel is far more common than it is today. Later on in the story we are told that the girl was born in 2160 which gives us some indication as to the year in which this story is set.

Why does Barton choose jettison Marilyn?

Barton had expected to find a male stowaway. Not jettisoning Marilyn means death for both of them and the men on Woden. Barton waits until the last possible minute to jettison Marilyn because… Barton wants Marilyn to understand the laws of physics that determining her fate.

Why was Barton shocked upon discovering the stowaway?

In Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations,” Barton is shocked upon discovering the stowaway is a young girl because most people exploring and colonizing outer space are men. Therefore, he expects the stowaway to be a man.

Why did Marilyn hide onboard the EDS?

She wanted to visit her brother. She wanted to visit her parents. She was secretly in love with Barton.

How does astronaut Barton know he is not alone on his emergency dispatch ship?

How does astronaut Barton know he is not alone on his Emergency Dispatch Ship? (1) The white hand of the tiny temperature gauge for the supply closet had been on zerowhen the little ship was launched from the Stardust; now, an hour later, it had crept up,indicating the presence of some kind of a body that radiated heat …

Why must they so carefully ration the rocket fuel that powers the EDSs?

Why must they so carefully ration the rocket fuel that powers the EDSs? (1) The cruisers were forced by necessity to carry a limited amount of bulky rocket fuel,because there is limited space on board.

Why is Marilyn not allowed on the EDS 5 points?

Marilyn is not allowed on the EDS because there is not enough fuel for two people.

What does the cold equations mean?

The phrase “The Cold Equations” refers to the calculatons that determine Marilyn’s fate. All Marilyn wants is to see her brother, whom she hasn’t seen in ten years. She decides, without doing her homework, to sneak onto a cargo ship bound for the frontier planet Woden, where her brother lives.

Who is Marilyn in the cold equations?

“The Cold Equations” is a short story by Tom Godwin in which a girl named Marilyn sneaks onto a cargo ship headed for the planet where her brother lives. Marilyn hasn’t seen her brother in ten years. Unaware of the laws surrounding stowaways, Marilyn sneaks onto a cargo ship bound for the planet her brother lives on.

What happens at the end of the cold equations?

The “cold equations” of physics admit no other solution, and in the end, Marilyn willingly lets herself be jettisoned into space. It’s a shocking ending, and in fact, it wasn’t even Godwin’s idea.