What is the climax of better wait till Martin comes?

What is the climax of better wait till Martin comes?

Option B: All the cats repeat, “Better wait till Martin comes.” The climax is the most intense part of the story. In this story, the most intense part is when John was stuck on his chair, and the third cat asks “Are we ready?”, and all the cats replied.

What does Yeye mean in a text message?


Is critter a real word?

Critter is an informal word for any living creature, from a wolf to a spider. Critter first appeared in the early 19th century, a shortened slang or joking form of the word creature.

What does vidals mean?

English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Vidal is: Life. Used as both surname and given name. See also Vito.

What kind of name is Vidal?

The name Vidal is a boy’s name of Spanish, French origin meaning “life, vital”.

Is Vidal a Scrabble word?

VIDAL is not a valid scrabble word.

What is Thumble?

Thumble. (verb) To move an object back and forth using the thumb; to fumble with an object subconsciously while at the same time thinking about something; to think, thumb, and fumble any object, esp. a computer mouse. I thumbled with the mouse, trying to decide whether to answer the insulting question.

What is a Larapin?

(Adjective) Larapin is an Adjective, describing a noun… peach cobbler, ribs, gravey & biscuits. Over the top in delectable flavor, seasoning, and texture., Superior taste in the food, sauce, drink, or dessert.. A Memorable meal.

What is another word for fancy?

Frequently Asked Questions About fancy Some common synonyms of fancy are conceive, envisage, envision, imagine, realize, and think. While all these words mean “to form an idea of,” fancy suggests an imagining often unrestrained by reality but spurred by desires.

What is another name for Treat?

other words for treat

  • delicacy.
  • delight.
  • feast.
  • gift.
  • goody.
  • refreshment.
  • thrill.
  • tidbit.

What is a better word for ate?

What is another word for ate?

took drank
drunk consumed
imbibed ingested
swallowed took in
devoured downed

What are two synonyms for ate?

other words for ate

  • attack.
  • bite.
  • chew.
  • dine.
  • feed.
  • ingest.
  • inhale.
  • nibble.

What is another word for eating fast?

What is another word for eat quickly?

devour bolt
gulp swallow
gobble wolf
consume guzzle
scoff stuff

Which is a reason that bruh lizard and Bruh Rabbit from The People Could Fly is considered a fable it is based on a magical set of events it teaches the reader a useful set of skills it is based on something that really happened it teaches the reader an important lesson?

Explanation: the reason that “Br uh Lizard and Br uh Rabbit” from The People Could Fly is considered a fable is because It teaches the reader an important lesson.

Which is a reason that Doc rabbit bruh Fox and tar baby is considered a fable?

Which is a reason that “Doc Rabbit, Bruh Fox, and Tar Baby”from The People Could Fly is considered a fable? It includes animals that are personified. Doc Rabbit kicked Tar Baby with another foot, and that foot got stuck way deep.

Which phrase in the excerpt provides a clue about what Boilin hard means?

come so fast

Which word in the excerpt provides a definition for vittles?

the answer is food (b) Explanation: vittles mean food.

What is a Yeye Boy?

Definition: bad/spoil. Example: No mind that yeye boy means Don’t mind that bad boy.

What is the resolution of people could fly?

The resolution was that the slave named Sarah flew to freedom. Toby was the one who gave her the gift of wings so that she could fly away with her child. End – An angel, named Toby, blessed Sarah with wings so that she could fly away from the oppression of the plantation.

What is the setting of the story people could fly?

The Plantation Though fantastical, “The People Could Fly” depicts a bleak reality. During the age of slavery, African people (and others) were kidnapped from their homeland and brought to America, many not surviving the journey.